..BritishPopSongs is a trendsetting UK/Scandinavian record label started 2010 that releases records at a fast pace from some of the most innovative independent yet main stream artists around today.

BritishPopSongs Trending – Spotify Playlist

BritishPopSongs UK has gained the reputation as being somewhere to look for quality indie/pop for young people as well as grown ups that not only likes that their fave artists got something to say for themselves, but artists that also holds a real knack for coming up with a good tune, that little extra that you will make you reach for the repeat button as soon as the song ends.

Infectious take on David Bowie and Iggy Pop Berlin era indie, This Is Berlin

Stian Summer 26 Synthesized
Available on Spotify, iTunes/AppleMusic and all other good digital stores



A Modern Man – Liberty

Not all love is meant to be. Not even in a pop song. So here is a British sounding electro pop single about nothing less than the sting of love. Though a pop song alone might not change much about how we love each other in this world, at least we leave you with a solid groove for crying out your heart.

A Modern Man – Liberty from BritishPopSongs on Vimeo.

BritishPopSongs Singles Club
Free Download

This months #singlesclub free download track comes from Scandinavian born singer-songwriter and BritishPopSongs founder Ian Nilsen releasing for the first time as his alter-ego Stian Summer on his soon to be officialy released debut “Higher Love” taken from forthcoming album “Introducing Stian Summer Volume One”.



“It was the idea of promoting good songs on much simplified manners using the internet initially and a hub website, that started it all, instead of old ways of pressing records and having several months of lead times for every release. With the internet today you reach fans with minutes, and if your sound and songs are good enough and you know how to get the word out, there is not much stopping you. The internet has also made the whole process very dynamic. If something doesn’t work out, you’d simply change it again. A release does not get some good reception, it goes down again. The artists make a home video and it’s online same afternoon, etc. With artwork the story is the same, it’s much faster to create artwork for online use, than for print”

Ian Nilsen

Stian Summer – She Told She Loved Me Not (REMIX) from BritishPopSongs on Vimeo.

Bittersweet sounding popster, thirty something WALL is an exciting half Amercian half Scandinavian male vocalist. He promotes a sound that sits firmly between mature US and UK indie pop.

Simon Cowell To Snob Santa in This Years X-Factor Christmas Special From Lapland Spoof from BritishPopSongs on Vimeo.



Scandinavian founder of BritishPopSongs – Ian Nilsen releases “Introducing Stian Summer Volume 1″ on his BritishPopSongs imprint. Read

With the impending release of This Is Berlin, the 9th of November, Scandinavian Ian Nilsen joins in on the celebrations of the true great city that is Berlin. Read

If you haven’t already heard of him there is more than a good chance that 2016 will be the year where you hear about A Modern Man more than once. With 5 singles on his first album the Man Who Learned To Live, there is good ammunition for a breakthrough.


Ian Nilsen guides through the upcoming “Introducing Stian Summer Volume 1” album track by track. Read


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