Month: March 2014

Isn’t She Lovely?

‘Stina is a very exciting artist indeed’ says Ian Nilsen, label boss at BritishPopSongs. ‘I can’t make out if she is some new Debbie Harry, Kim Wilde or some Joni Mitchell, Jewel, Kate Bush in the making or even someone way different, however most likely she is just herself really. But she is way cool, and pretty driven too. The music that she is doing out of BPS is rather different than these British sounding recordings that she is doing with us, but i rather like it, what we got going, very much actually.

Stina - Tonite

Stina - Tonite

Being bossy is his business, how on earth are we going to get this happening digital label and it’s exciting roaster out in the world without putting what it takes into it.

The label that he founded a short while ago is already attracting the attention of tons of fans out there.

Easy to compare with the much loved 80’s british sound, Stina has in debut single Tonite, found the perfect pop tune to launch her onslaught on the airwaves. It got a chorus to die for, and some rather cool production work behind. It is true that the song also fits the top 40 formats so much employed by commercial radios these days, but hell, if that it takes to get this song out and about, then we are all in.

In her early 30’s she is full of life, attractive and very fit indeed. She is not one that goes lightly on getting things to happen in her life. She takes matters into her own hands, making things happen every single day. ‘I guess I’m kind of driven and believes that as long i find myself doing what i want most, i will stay happy’.

Tonite by Stina is out next month on BritishPopSongs UK.


PRESS RELEASE: the Stian Summer project LIVE for NBP Radio

the Stian Summer Project releases live recorded album Piano/Vocal Live Recordings.

In January the Stian Summer Project recorded a special live recording for NBP Radio playing a handful of songs in initimate and lowkey fashion.
These recordings will now be available to download free of charge for old and new fans.

When in January 2011 London outfit the Stian Summer project was approached to record an intimate session of songs for NBP Radio no-one really had imagined that these songs would stand out as they have done when only performed on Piano and Vocal. Usually slightly over-produced TSSP here gives the listener a chance to discover these songs in an exciting new way.
One of the characteristics about the TSSP is that its British inspired edgy-pop angeled with a playfulness with harmonics and chords, and here with only Piano and Vocal it’s exciting hear how open-ended it sounds. There are some mistakes hanging in there due to the live nature, but it only adds to the ambience in the end. Some of the songs are also tuned down to sit easier within the framework.

For fans of 70s Elton John, James Blunts and alike its a chance to discover something new.

Out Now for free download from