Month: May 2014

Does this man have a reset button?

Ian Nilsen has pop on the brain! You only got to listen to a minute of his music.
He’s always on about how important songs are, “it’s all about songs you see”
Is it just talk, let’s try to find to out.

Ian Nilsen

It’s like he got this button you accidentally press and while you are in horror on the lookout for the reset button he will go on about the state of the whole industry of music. Pretty tiring at times.

But that’s just Ian. It’s like Stian Summer is this grown up boy who simply refuses to grow in any dignity and who can’t take anything seriously for a minute. But his real-life self, is a lot more down to earth, even notorious laid-back. He has often been accused of a leave-no-trace attitude towards his privacy.
“Oh, you noticed, did you? he laughs.”
“Yeah, people is often on me , because I tend to be pretty private, but I like that. You know, there ain’t no much to hide, but it’s nice that you can get about without always be the other public person too. I’m pretty untouched by being known, you see, but have accepted that it’s part of the game somehow. If I want to stand up for the music that i do, people would want to know bits about me. That can be me as Ian or any other name that I come up with, don’t think that it matter too much. I’m not a bad boy, far from it actually”

Despite having a careful attitude to his private life, we do know that he is a pretty active guy. From early mornings in front of his computer to pretty late evenings early weekdays he’s plotting his next step for getting his music out and about. Being it on the label BritishPopSongs, songs, live shows, magazines, radio shows, videos, remixes… there is no end to it really.

“You know, there are so many things to be done, but i’m not the person that would spend a month on a single song and having 1000 takes for a vocal to get it juuuust right. Life is too short, and I feel by know that I have found what works for me, allright, there’s a few mistakes here and there, but thats cool with me”

What other bands does he like? “I like loads actually, but I don’t listen much. I would get to inspired and could end up doing similar things, and thats no good. I have travelled quite a bit, and looks always at things around me, but it does not have to be music, can be everything really. In the end all is about people. New York would not be New York without New Yorkers, London without Londoners, same thing everywhere… I’m not a hell-rasier, but I sure do like to party. Love to meet new people all the time.

All Ian’s album artwork is done in-house. “it’s not that I’m my favourite designer, far from it, but you know, I’m cheep… and I know what I want. One day when money gets bigger, I get some good people to work for us, but for now this can do, and it’s pretty fun to do too.

What’s outside of music then? Ian laughs, “Not much actually, well quite a few things, but it’s true that music and everything that surrounds it takes up some 60 hours a week easily. The rest… well, drinking wine, running about non stop and the (not so) odd hangover.

And by this the interview is over, Thursday is bank holiday so weekend starts early, and with so much to be done before, he is already on to something else.

“She Told She Loved Me Not” by the Stan Summer Project is out now on BritishPopSongs.

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Smartphone Video

foto: Sandra Høj

I forbindelse med releasekoncert på teater Grob lavede vi et videoshoot til sangen “One more time”, med hjælp fra publikum.
Det at få et livepublikum til at interagere og være aktivt deltagende kan være udfordrende. Der skal nytænkning til. Ideen var at folk skulle optage sangen live og til playback på deres smartphones og derefter sende deres optagelser til BritishPopSongs, som så vil redigere i videooptagelserne og klippe en video sammen til førstesinglen One more time.

One More Time – EP Version

5 minutter til showstart


foto: Sandra Høj

“Spænding, sommerfugle i maven og ønsket om at blæse folk omkuld og efterlade dem med mine sange på læberne, to år er der gået siden min sidste livekoncert med mit gamle band, nu står jeg her foran tomme stolerækker, klar med mine nye sange, klar til at mærke energien fra publikum som om et øjeblik sætter sig og venter spændt på at høre, hvad jeg kan og hvor jeg vil tage dem hen…”

Jacob Wall – 14 Maj 2014

Wall debut EP One More Time udkommer 23 Maj 2014 gennem BritishPopSongs.

Jacob WALL (W@LL) Live Bookings

The American/Danish singer/songwriter Jacob Wall (W@LL) is already known by the many of both local and international lovers of the great American/British song-writing tradition and he sure does fly the flag for his adopted hometown Copenhagen.



His catalogue is full of hits by the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel and countless others. Jacob Wall is the son of an American jazz trompet player that as many other legendary Amercian jazz musicians came to Copenhagen in the late sixties and throughout the seventies making the city a world class jazz hub ever since. His father played with a large range of the finest musicians including Dextor Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie and Kenny Drew.

Like Elton John, Billy Joel and all these fine performers he embraces a deep understand of popular music based on great song writing, a voice to die for and produces music that instantly goes on to please your ears. He gives concerts in a range of settings, accompanied by his co-writer/producer Ian Nilsen on piano/acoustic guitars or with band, in virtual any settings. Intimate private settings, corporate events and larger public venues.

Ian Nilsen

Ian Nilsen

With the release of his solo record One More Time the 23th of May 2014 through BritishPopSongs UK, he is inviting us on a lovely journey into his own unique musical universe with a range of original superb pop songs of high order. One More Time is the first single to be taken from the record and is released 23th of May 2014

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