Month: August 2014

Some music makes me slowly die inside!

Is Ian, label honcho on hip underground label BritishPopSongs, in reality just a true silly boy, that refuses to let anyone interfere with his onslaught on the world of modern music with his somehow trademark British inspired indie pop, or is he someone that is on a mission that digs bits deeper than that?

ian nilsen, britishpopsongs

ian nilsen, britishpopsongs

We hook up with him on this Thursday morning although he is bits hungover after what he call night with important “meetings” out in town.

Songs from BritishPopSongs is not the average singer/songwriter stuff, how would you describe your musical universe?

“Some music makes me die slowly inside you know! You know the kind of songs that are so sombre that they leave you in a rather bad vibe. I decided long ago that this would not be the kind of music I was going to make. I do make bittersweet kind of songs, that are happy in ways but also has an underlying mood thing going on. I always liked pop but with hints of the unexpected.

I guess it all came in the process of maturing from youngster to adult and I kind of hang on in there.

Music is not only entertainment, it’s also about the bigger things in life, often love and relationships in some way, so i take my music rather seriously, although not too much the relationship side of things (laughs).

I know that most of my songs are pretty FM-primed, that they are radio bound, not indie kind of stuff, but that doesn’t mean that your stuff have to be bad.

What music gives me in return is a platform where i feel i got things to say and i kind of uses it as an excuse for my bit too many mistakes”. (laughs)

This month sees the release of best Of BritishPopSongs Volume 2, and it features the very best of the songs that came through in the first half of 2012.


soStina – Found You (TSSP remix)

Exclusive free download for all of this rather beautiful ballad from a very exciting female artist.

ARTIST: so:Stina
TRACK: Found You (TSSP Remix)
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
DISTRIBUTION: iTunes, Amazon and all other major digital outlets
Release Date: 2013
Label Contact: Ian Nilsen, Britishpopsongs.

“The universe of soStina is all about living, loving, and dreaming big. What’s the use of doing anything if you’re not fully engaged and your heart is not truly in it?

Through her songs she invites us to re-connect to that place inside of us, where our deepest truth lies and from where we can let ourselves unfold in the most beautiful ways. Although she deals with some quite existential questions and considerations she is going about it in a very down to earth way.

This is a songwriter who is not afraid to keep it simple, however there is always more layers to her lyrics if you wish to dig a little deeper. Her new single Found You could be this sweet lullaby to a friend that just went through some tough times but it could also be the story of someone making a promise to herself that she will do everything she can to stay true to who she really is, to always love herself and always be strong for herself.”

Hey JJ – Mountain High River Deep

LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
DISTRIBUTION: iTunes, Amazon and all other major digital outlets
Release Date: August/September 2014
Label Contact: Ian Nilsen, Britishpopsongs.

Label debut from a somehow different type of artist. A more 60/70s US sound, also show cased by bands such as Style Council in 80s. Hey JJ is an excellent guitar player as well as an amazing vocalist.

This single was not to be released overnight, sometime it’s better to let the act come together, so to speak. Fans will get the chance to know more about Hey JJ on return of the summer holiday season.