Month: September 2014

BritishPopSongs take on the greatest of musical traditions

There is somehow music for everyone:

there’s beautiful melodic music, hot R&B for the dancefloor,

kick-ass rock for boys, chilled-out beats for the long summer nights and then there is the ‘British Sound’.



and at BritishPopSongs, a happening  digital record label, they are having a no way ordinary take on the greatest of musical traditions with a rather  surprising makeover.

“I know, it’s pretty typical of me to do things like these, but you know, I guess I’ll always do things upside down” it comes from Ian Nilsen, label manager at BritishPopSongs, before bursting out in laughter.

He is in some unintentional way quite funny, because who would dare to call a label BritishPopSongs and tinkle with the 50 years of traditions from maybe the greatest traditions or Rock’n Roll.

It’s just so typical of him, but he is canny enough to know that he will get stick from the Brits.

You know a country like Sweden has shown so many times that music can come from outside UK and US and still sound like the thing. I’ve spend a great deal of my life in London, and although I’m now more or less in and out of the country all the time, I have deep affections for the music scene there. But it was maybe the best thing that I could do, stepping back from the scene and then get on with defining my sound out of the loop there. You see, as great a city as London is, it’s also very draining, it’s huge and everybody is running in all directions. I feel my work rate has upped by 1000% now.

The greatest gift I have is that i don’t really care what people are saying, good or bad. If I should listen to all, then I could simply forget it. And what’s more, I would be in such a mess that I would not know in what direction to head with the sounds I’m doing. Being someone who does things his own way is by no way easy at all, it’s often an uphill struggle, but man…. it’s rewarding and such fun.

the Stian Summer project is available as limited time downloads from


WIKI: Ian Nilsen

Ian Nilsen

Ian Nilsen

Ian Nilsen is behind both britishPopSongs and BeatHouse International. He is also Creative Director on behalf of Billy B Records, the Copenhagen based record label behind highly promising Danish pop act Laust Sonne.

He is also a music experienced songwriter/producer/recording artist himself, and is CEO and founder of the BritishPopSongs brand that includes both record label/production house that specialises in largely British popular music. The label has a large following throughout the world and is known for being highly innovative and ‘out of the box’ in all areas in which they operate.

He is also CEO of Beathouse International that provides advanced bespoke PR strategies for a range of already established and highly professional artists both from the modern and classical world.

In October 2014 together with Billy B Records he introduces what is to become one of the real international stars of 2015 Laust Sonne initially to the German market with a large roll-out plan that takes them all way in to late 2015/2016 . Debut single On The Radio single is released officially 10th of November 2014. The video is directed by Berlin resident award winning director Dino Fitzer on location in and around Berlin including an old abandoned hospital Berlin North where lately George Clooney filmed his latest film. The On The Radio video is filmed by likewise multiple award winning DoP Oliver Hasse.

Ian Nilsen can be contacted through BeatHouse International or on

“You thinks it’s great and then the moment is already over”

Dreams are reality in the end, yeah?

Let’s throw a handful of questions  Ian Nilsen of BritishPopSongs’s way and see if he really is the first to acknowledge that as soon you feel that you have done something great, the moment is nearly over and you are on to the next thing.

Let’s go find out more about his universe.

Ian Nilsen

Ian Nilsen

Memorable line in one of your songs:

“She told she loved me not” – Title from teh Stian Summer project debut single

Career move I regret:

Not accepting a long list of great international list of artists that a publisher wanted me to write songs for in London some years ago. But when i think about it, the regret passes pretty quickly , mind you.

People you’d love to talk shop with:

Like to spend time with the two Hurts guys and Niel and Chris from Pet Shop Boys.

Things you haven’t done yet:

– Recorded an album of arty piano driven songs in the style of Rufus Wainwright.

– Travelled the world introducing people to the world of the Stian Summer project

Things I used to believe:

– That the business of music was full of people that was all in it for the sake of good music.

– That it was going to be easy to set up my beloved label

– That London was an easy chilled out stressless city to live in. Very inspiring though.


– I was walking round Berlin on a sunny sunday with A Modern Man trashing out the plan we have here over the next few months.

Records everyone should own:

White Album – Beatles

Definitely Maybe – Oasis

Rufus Wainwright – the one with the Cohen cover

As the evening approaches:

I will wind down and stop working having a beer or galas of wine. I’ve never been into working nights, that’s were i get more social.

Plan ahead:

Launching my baby, BritishPopSongs and all the little babies, the songs that we all have prepared over the last few years. Can’t wait.