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About BritishPopSongs

BritishPopSongs is a brand new online vanity label that promotes a British sound ranging from early David Bowie, Roxy Music towards the BritPop area of the mid 90’s.

With catchy songs, well written, for a public that might be a bit older now, but still are very fond of this sound. This does not mean that the sound has not a huge support among late teens onwards as well.

The label release singles at a fast rate, twice a month, the 1st and the 15th, with a small range of artists, often vocalists, that all gets very involved in their own releases.

The label was started by Ian Nilsen, a long time London resident producer/artist/songwriter.

It was the idea of promoting good songs on much simplified manners using the net initially and a hub website, that started it all. That was simply instead of old ways of pressing records and having 3 month lead times for every release. With the internet today you reach fans with minutes, and if your sound and songs are good enough, there is not much stopping you.

It has proven to pick up very fast, there has been well over 100.000 hits on the site over the trial period and the 1st of October is seen as the official launch date of the label. Songs can be purchased using all good online stores such as Amazon and iTunes.

Another very important point is not to throw significant money on a record from the outset, but let it showcase itself to the world before it eventually is decided if there is a high level of demand for the track. That would mean that a song could go several versions over time until the final end recording and package is laid down.

BritishPopSongs works with externals on a track by track level, or artist by artist level, where PR people, radio pluggers, add agencies and even private people gets involved in a release on a share of income level.

You can find BritishPopsSongs here: and contact on

4 October 2010
Ian Nilsen.


the Stian Summer project – Interview

Why Stian Summer?

Stian is the grown up person in me that does not want to grow up yet, and that just want to play pop music and not care about the more grown up issues one have.
Its fun and capricious, however still pretty deep in thoughts.

isn’t Stian Summer some 20-year-old?
yes or no, he’s in his twenties still, probably late 20′s early 30′s, but have experienced much more in life. You can’t run away from things that has happened to you , but you can choose to highlight certain sides of yourself at certain times.
and any men tend to stop growing up from 25 onwards, and that’s for the good and the bad.

Who do think will like the music?
Now Stian Summer is not some sort of a marketing ploy or something, he is an artist/singer that simply does his own thing. In the end it is his songs that should catch on, not some concept. The sound is pop/punk, pretty british, bit of Cure, but with many other references put into it.

Name 3 acts that has inspired Stian Summer.
i would like to think Bowie, Roxy Music and the Cure, but there could be many. mainly British 70′s and 80′s.

Do you listen to records a lot?
Actually not at all. Well it’s not say that I never listen, but it has just always been like that. I think when you work your music so much on a daily basis your ears gets tired and you simply have had enough. The good thing is of course that you don’t end up sounding like some other act out there. The bad is that you can get caught in some ‘out of fashion sound’ sometimes. It’s not that bad though.

Where is Stian Summer in 5 years time?
Still doing his thing i guess. All depends on how the songs gets received over time, but it is definitly not some craze that will last only a few months. It is a part of me that probably wont disappear soon, if ever. If you knew how many times I have been told off for not wanting to grow up…. it’s pretty true, but so what? who else to decide beside myself.

Silly Thing by the Stian Summer project

the Stian Summer project promotes a very British sound that is a combination of a whole lot of things coming out of London. It’s both pop and punk at the same time, and sounds somehow both old and new.

Stian Summer is an English Power-Pop project just about to hit the ground. It’s music for grown-ups who don’t really want to grow up… at least not just yet!

“As much as we all like records that grow on you and that you can listen to forever, it is great sometimes to listen to a song that is just full-on from start to finish….

and that is really what Stian Summer is about.

Silly Thing is the first single and promotes a very British sound that is a combination of a whole lot of things coming out of London. It’s both pop and punk at the same time, and sounds somehow both old and new.

With Stian, you’ll find glamour, although it’s also pretty deep with thoughts.

Ian, Behind BritishPopSongs

Ian has been writing and producing songs with a range of international artists for more than a decade mainly in Europe and particularly in London, UK.

2010 has seen him start up BritishPopSongs, a small online vanity label showcasing a range of artists and a heavy schedule of releases. It is planned to release a single every 2 weeks, the 1st and the 15th of every month. During late spring and over the summer the setup was tested and tried and by the 1st of October everything goes LIVE with a double release. The releases that has been used over the trial period will see re-releases up to christmas.

“The last few years has been like some quiet before what might be, maybe not the storm, but certainly a busy period ahead. It was good to get into the essence of it all again, and shape and define a somehow new sound.”

The level of output from this phase is pretty large.

“I will always be grateful for those that told me to do my own thing, really… because even if, as fantastic it is to write and produce for others, compose, record and finally performing your own songs will always be something special, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I personally adore the 80′s, but I also love ‘now’. I love good songwriting and songs that sticks to your brain, by producing and plotting this over a period away from the hassle of big city life and, at least in the beginning, keeping quiet about it, has meant a lot. It let me define the sound and look, and shape the songs without the pressure of talking too much about it.”

Lucy … ,  is first official single and is mid-tempo pop/punk/new wave  which sort of sets the sound for the Stian Summer project.

“I like to do things differently at this stage in my career, so I have a plan, and I have taken my time to define it.

It’s my own plan, and I now get all these cool people that will add their own ideas, and we’ll hopefully end up with a lot of fun and at some success as we go along”