Month: November 2014

Get Played On Radios – A innovative cook book about how to DIY yourself onto the airwaves

From the highly innovative people behind online digital record label BritishPopSongs comes the book that part-time musicians, semi-pros and professional musicians have been longing for, a 140 page long guide into how you get your song on the holy grail of music promotion, the radio. 




It is well known that writing/producing/performing and recording a hit song is only the first step on the path to stardom. Your song is only going to be a hit if people know about it, if many people know about it. With the rapid demise of old time record compaines the musical landscape has forever changed, but the art of promotion is still very much dependent of the radio stations and will be for long time to come. With the progress of the internet and social media it has become pretty easy to get your music out to people, but the vast majority does only see a very modest return on the hours upon hours spend promoting via YouTube/FaceBook/Twitter or one of the countless others social media platforms available. 


Get Played On Radios traces the radios importance in the history of modern music and gives a wealth of ideas and hands on examples on how to get your music out and about, either if you are a part-timer, semi-pro or a serious popstar wannabe in the making. It will take dedication and precious time to get there, but it will also be great fun to finally hear yourself coming out of the radio. 


Ian Nilsen is the person behind BritishPopSongs, a fast flying online record label that in the space of the last 18 months have pushed countless of barriers in the quest of obtaining a ever growing international fanbase with it’s mix of quality British Pop and Rock music, well thought out image and an attention to all areas that a modern record label should adress in todays musical landscape.  


Magnus Gabriels is very much a hands on artist that have explored some highly inventive ways to promote his own album due out on general release January 2012. He has discovered ways to go about things that it is safe to say, no one have ever thought of existed. He is one to look out for in 2012, both for his refreshing take of an industry in need of innovation and for a great set of songs that showcases a very exiting talent. 


December 2011. 


About Ian Nilsen, label manager at BritishPopSongs

Ian Nilsen is originally from Scandinavia, but has spend most of his adult life abroad. He started out playing jazz in his mid-teens, but although he worked many hours getting good he realized pretty early on that maybe a jazz piano playing career wasn’t going to be his thing. He ventured into modern pop and rock music both as producer, songwriter, artist and signed a record deal when he arrived to Paris in the the early 90’s. Later he moved on to London, same thing there, became involved in the vibrant music scene there, where he stayed until not long ago. Halfway through his time in London he pushed for valuable insight into the massive industry that UK is, and began to embrace all the new things that the happening Internet brought along. For the last couple of years he has run his own label, tiredlessly promoting his handful of artists, and masterminding a highly visible and very well visited web presence with about 25.000 followers around the globe of his particually take on modern mainly British music. He is also authour of a book about the importance of the radios for all musicians out there, guiding them through the radio market as it looks in 2012.

Ian has effectivly embraced modern music marketing in a big and pretty insprired way, naturally using social media tools such as FaceBook, twitter, blogs, websites, youtube but very much in conjunction with traditional marketing tools to create a push that has seen his profile raise very high indeed by now. He is also very much upfront with what is happening in the near future, so to stay on the beat constantly.

Ian Nilsen 300dpi

Ian Nilsen 300dpi

Ian is fluent in French and English and naturally talks and understand Scandinavian languages bar a few.

Being a poet at heart.

Pete Morris Mathildes Destiny

Pete Morris Mathildes Destiny

Being a poet at heart.

The role of a true lyricist within a band is often underestimated. Often band members are giving up on the matter, but not Mathilde’s Destiny. Pete Morris is writing his heart out and thanks to him for that.

Parts of the scorings/musical arrangements in Mathilde’s Destiny is so perfectly put together that even vocalist Ian is in awe. How good it must feels to for once to be allowed to just sing and play some piano, guitar and bas, but completely leave the orchestrations to somebody with such a knack for it as Mathildes Destiny sidekick Pete Morris.
You need to have a long term plan when working with him. You can’t think of it as just being a fluke, a record is around for a long time and fashion come and goes. The fantastic thing about lot of classic recordings is that the soundscape is not to be nailed down to some trend that happened at that moment.
For somebody like Pete it has to be lasting.
Sometimes he would spend more time than he had to, and yes changing things around a few too many times, but somehow when he then proclaims “this is it”, well you have to applaud what you hear. It’s probably a result of countless hours under the gaze of famous conductors worldwide that have installed this obsession with details in him.

How this debut from MD will sound in 15 years no one can know, but it is sure that now is the moment for the boys to catch in on this amazing journey they are on.

Are they wannabe rock stars at heart?
Well, Ian at least is embracing the lifestyle, and he sways around bars in his hometown.

and Pete then?. nop, always have a few notes to change here and there.

7th single by Mathildes Destiny – Song Of Seduction is out now.

A Modern Man promotional world tour could start in Jakarta.

A Modern Man’s is planning his first promotional world tour. But rather than starting in cities such as New York, Paris or London it looks like he might choose Jakarta, Indonesia.

A Modern Man

When A Modern Man earlier this year released his first single I’m Looping and the huge successful follow-up Teach Me Darling, nobody could have guessed how fast these songs would set this new artist on his way to global pop stardom. Planing his first promotional tour involves a few key factors. Though it might be more natural to start in such cities like London, Paris or New York he now says that Jakarta might be a much more appropriate kick off destination.

“I do know it’s a tradition to start your tour in one of these cities but in my opinion what really matters is how passionate it’s citizens is for the music. From the responses I get from fans from Indonesia I understand that Indonesia is a country with a great love to my kind of music.” If it will be possible for him to start the tour in Jakarta is still unknown. But it might not at all be impossible “I have presented the idea to the my label and they like it” There are still things to be sorted out for this plan to be realized.

One of the issues to be taking into account is that even though A Modern Man has a fast growing number of fans in Indonesia he is still a more established name in Europe. But as the artist himself puts it “what better way to get more established in Indonesia than to actually go there and play my music to them”.