Month: December 2014

The indie scene in California, USA

Nicola from Beverly Hills, California, USA comes originally from England but now lives in the America. Here she answers a few questions about how she discovered M.A.G.N.U.S. and gives a few clues to how the indie music scene is in California. Read this interview and many other articles in the first issue of BritishPopSongs magazine out January 2011.

Where are you from, what do you do and where do you currently live?

I am originally from Sth East Leicestershire in the Midlands UK. I currently live in Beverly Hills CA USA. I am an artist and am also currently working with my English business partner on an organic project that we are launching in the US. Do you play/sing yourselves? I’ve played guitar since I was 18 but would consider myself rusty now! I love to sing.

What your favorite music style in general, and band and even song if you got an absolut all time favorite?

My favourite music style is 90’s indie music, my fave being The Verve..”the drugs don’t work” was one of those songs that made you stop in your tracks. I also love ‘Do you remember the first time” by Pulp.

How did you first hear Magnus’s music?

I received a friendship request from a Britpop promoter on facebook and I listened to Magnus’s music and liked it alot.

What is the kind of vibe you get from his songs? Does it remind you of something?

The kind of vibe i get from his songs are cool, floaty thoughtful lyrics. Very European vibe. He is very reminiscent of Elbow and The Doves. I love his image too…kind of Oliver Reed as Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist..Victorian dandy meets European hipster. He just needs a stovepipe hat to complete the look!! 😉

Do you think there would be a market for him in the States?

There is definately a market for him in the States, there is always room for European Indie music.

What kind of people do you think do like his stuff?

The young Indie hipster crowd here would love his music as would the older indie crowd (like myself) LA has plenty of Indie hipsters!!!

How is the scene over there at the moment? some good new things coming out?

We had an amazing radio station over here called Indie 103.1. That is where I would hear all the latest indie music…then a yr ago it suddenly went off the airwaves. You can still hear them streaming live on the internet but not the same as on the radio. I used to cycle and listen to them ;-( I don’t really hear anything new and hip now, unfortunately it drives me crazy not being in ‘the know’ about the latest music. A couple of great bands to emerge from Silverlake (a cool indie artsy place in Los Angeles) are The Silversun pickups and more recently Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

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A Modern Man shrugs off live experience concern

Only a year ago he did not yet know that he was about to enter pop stardom, however in an interview with BPS magazine he says that his lack of live experience will not affect his performances on the up-coming promotional tour to support his new EP Transformations.

He claims that the buzz of it all eventually will sum up the experience to a greater level overall. While he is preparing for the release of his EP, he is confident that he has done the right thing in holding back any promotional tours, having ensured the best of working conditions in the studio. Sitting here in front of his laptop he is bracing himself for what can well be a whirlwind year 2011 for him.

NBP Radio is a month old today.

NBP Radio

NBP Radio

… to start you own radio station is a pretty ambitious thing to do and on top of that…  one that only breaks new bands band playing some cool new songs….  But that was what the people at NewBritPop decided to do, such was the buzz around their FB fan site. You can see why it was such a good idea now , that listerners comes from all over the world to discover these cool tunes.

NBP Radio is a great place to listen to new songs of love and loss. The only problem is how to move on to the next thing on the web and stay tuned at the same time.

It is truly a victorious feat and speak volumes of the true desire to actually getting on with things. Between the songs you get comments and trivia  about the artists, but in the end the songs stands by themselves as they should do.

So if by any means these songs one day stand up to the classics NBP Radio can rightly claim that it was part of the buzz generating lot back in 2010 and onwards.

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BritishPopSongs on the road

BritishPopSongs is moving out of the underground and into the mainstream as the releases starts to flow in big numbers. And soon some of the artists on this new trendsetting label starts to head onto the stage for some exciting shows.
Collaborations between BPS and the artists will move into live performances, playing both main cities but also out of town venues in the beginning of the new year. It has been fueled by the runaway success of the the label around the world in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Indonesia as well as Europe.

Ian who is part of a team working on all aspects of BPS said:

“The BPS movement is well and true coming out and it is the songs and the innovative people that in the end are the the catalyst for the whole thing. We got people with so much talent and a view on how to get things done that is both underground and mainstream, It’s truly exciting times.

” It’s phenomenal to think that this label idea I have laboured for some times is about to go global now”

The shows will include many of the already released songs from the artist roaster.

Expect good fun and a lively atmosphere. Check website for dates and details.

“Moments of idiocy”

Some musicians lives a wild life and burns out pretty quickly. Others choose nowadays to live a steady life and treat the fact being a musician is just like any other job.and then you got someone like Stian Summer.

We talk to a person that often gets caught up in the moment and who do not realize that his actions a not always the best.

He does for sure has his moments of idiocy that distracts a bit from the fact that he takes his art very seriously.

So what is the message he want to send out?

“Hey, life is fun, so live it every minute, every hour, every day and always remember to be grateful that you can actually do that. “

Is Stian Summer just some spoilt person?

If there is one person on earth that braves the nocturial dangers then it could well be fictious Stian Summer. Never one to sway away for a party somewhere in town and a few drinks too many on the way. It is always a question of bucking the trend to bed early just because its a Wednesday night only.

the Stian Summer project

the Stian Summer project

I have always enjoyed being in cities where you can do want you want on whatever day and time you want. I never really understood why people have to hide from one another except for Friday and Saturday nights. A bold statement, but also with a hint of true desire to get on with things.

Now that he is bound to make a mark on the charts around the world, it might well be, that the tune is going to be corrected a bit, and he will feel sorry for the rather spoiled atttude.

His new song You got the Eyes is out on BritishPopSongs this December.