Month: February 2015

All I do… is staying positive….

How on earth will the folks at BritishPopSongs keep up with such a busy schedule in 2011.
According to “the Stian Summer Project” it’s down to a few things really.

Have all the fun in the world, get good sleep and make sure you avoid exercise.

A somehow bold statement, but as he says…

I have been at the party circuit for years and have had so much fun and have met so many interesting people, people that I would never have met, had I had been living the sensible life.

There are so many people out there giving advice on how to have the perfect life and live long….¬† that it gets a bit confusing and tiring to say at least.

They just tend to forget that when you smile at life, it smiles back at you again.

Same thing with making music. Always stay positive regarding your music, always look at the bright side, because being an artist in general is a bumpy ride along a lifelong road, and in the end it’s up to you, and only you to get on with it.

TSSP is releasing a cool single 1’st of March 2011, She Told She Loved Me Not.

“This song is pretty special to me, because it somehow defined the TSSP sound very much. It came pretty quickly and I knew this was the song i would work around. It got all the ingredients that a good songs need, a real hook, great guitars, the right tempo and attitude. It’s one of these songs where you want to push replay as soon as it’s over…
and that is what defines a great song. I remember when I was kid and bought records, I always had that with some of my favorite bands . I simply had to listen again and again, my mum simply went crazy”

Catch “the Stian Summer project” and other bands from hip label BritishPopSongs on tour this year.


“I believe that We need good storytellers as much as good singers” W@LL (february 2013)

Exciting new singer/songwriter W@LL, a half American/half Scandinavian thirty something popster, gives his view on where his inspiration comes from. His new single One More Time is a well written piece of bittersweat adult indie pop, that rapidly is spreading through cyberspace. But where comes the real inspiration from?



“My father was a jazz musician, so I kind of grew up listening to Jazz. Later on I knew that I absolutely were more into rock and roll. Don’t know exactly what it is with rock and roll but it’s like it taps into some basic and primal feelings that comes to life and that for me is liberating. I’m also kind of a pop dude, but don’t go tell everybody:)

As for inspiration? There’s so many gifted singers, some alive, some not anymore. I sometimes divide singers into my own two categories. The ones who technically is extremely gifted and the other ones who is telling a story, worth listening to. The fun part is when they both go together. A lot about music for me is about soul. We’re not talking genre here, where talking about singers with heart. From the authenticity of Johnny Cash, the working man of Springsteen to the howling Bono, the gentleman of Bowie,the underplayed Lou Reed, the voices that came from punk rock and all that’s in between.

I often wish that I could pull of what Beyonce and Rihanna can do with their voices but in the end it’s not all about technique, for me it’s about storytelling. We need great storytellers. Music can do that for me. It can be a soundtrack to different periods in my life, where I can pause, play it and sometimes rewind.”

W@LL February 2013

One More Time will be out in March 2013 through BritishPopSongs UK, preview the pre-release edit here…

Additionally there is a free pre-release download version of the track on the BritishPopSongs website, click here

The song writing cycle the W@LL way!



“I guess the whole song cycle is interesting.

When a song emerge or sometimes pushed forward into the open, many things can happen. Sometimes it’s a personal and comes out in an almost therapeutic way, other times it’s experience that’s not to self indulgent and can be listen to by others that as a listener can relate to the theme of the song.

So when a song is out there, for the public, it’s kind of intimidating, cause it suddenly takes of a life of it’s own. In a live setting, at a concert, you get a whole new understanding of the song. You find out, what response the crowd gives you and song. If you get the feeling of togetherness and mutual consciousness , then you know you’ve made a great song”

W@LL February 2013

Being in a band is great, but so it is to go it alone! W@LL (February 2013)

We team up with singer/songerwriter W@LL on a rather freezing day in his native Scandinavia. Son of an American Jazz musician he had music around him as a youngster, but eventually he has himself chosen a little different path with his music. After having spend time with various bands he now ventures out alone with a rather infectious new single One More Time.


He loved being in a band with the whole feeling of unity and friendship that comes with it he explains, the whole thing of exchanging musical ideas and opinions, working on songs together is a special thing.

However as he goes on..

“Sometimes though it’s also hard work in therms of getting ideas through. This time around, with this single, it’s given me a sense of freedom and a new approach that’s kind of liberating and fresh at the same time. After being in a band for a long time, this is something, I’m proud of doing almost on my own”

So what about your songwriting process?

“The songwriting process is almost always present in my mind, on a conscious but also in a subconscious level. Sometimes it starts out with a melody line, me and a guitar. The lyric can in some cases be the main starting point but in most cases, the melody comes first and then I try to capture what kind of mood and tone the melody brings me. The key point is to tell a story in three minutes that has heart and at the same time is wrapped in a melodic setting that moves you”

W@LL is very much a live performer, so it comes as no surprise really that he have pretty clear views about the current music trends and the two minuttes of fame thing.

“There’s still very much interesting music happening out there but at the same time, there’s a sense of something new is emerging. I got a feeling that tells me the music scene is changing. People don’t buy albums like the used to, they buy singles. In a way it’s back to basics.

A lot of good music out there, rap and hip hop, pop, R’n’b and rock and roll but also a lot of crap in terms of talent shows and people who are in a business of telling people what to like and what not to”

Which really brings us to the final big question. What is your favorite period in the history of modern music then?

“I don’t have a favorite music period as such, cause I believe in songs. And songs that can stand the test of time is what counts in the end”

So far so good, We like that!

One More Time from W@LL is out march 2013, but if you are fast there is a free download of the pre-release version of the song here..


W@LL biography

The American/Scandinavian singer/songwriter W@ALL may not yet be known by the international lovers of the great British sound, but he shure does fly the flag for the sound championed by th e likes of David Bowie, the Smiths and more recently Elbow among (many) others.

He could somehow have sunk beneath such great company, but with the release of debut single One More Time through BritishPopSongs UK, he does proove to be a worthy successor in his own right.

Like these bands before him, he embraces bittersweat soundscapes together with a real knack for good song writing and with the help of label manager Ian Nilsen he produces music that instantly could please your ears. He has a past in various other bands, but have maybe never been as catchy as this time around. One More Time is a superb pop song, a real bold piece of modern pop music of high order, a real one to chill too, deepen yourself into and that’s no bad thing by any means.

We will be waiting a bit for what will become an EP, but it should be worth the wait.

W@LL will support the release later this year with live performances, yet to be announced.

more info

Press Release One More Time by W@LL

Bittersweet sounding popster, thirty something WALL is an exiting half Amercian half Scandinavian male vocalist. He promotes a sound that sits firmly between mature US and UK indie pop, and he debutes ahere with a rather good tune, ONE MORE TIME.

He is linked to Brit label BritishPopSongs UK, a label that promotes a more mature sound heavily influenced by the very best of the British song tradition, from Bowie, the Smiths onwards. The single is out in March and will be supported by radio slots and live performiances on selected live venues still to be announced.

Introducing Stian Summer Volume One – Press Release

ARTIST: Stian Summer
ALBUM: Introducing Stian Summer Volume One
LABEL: BritishPopSongs

With songs build up around basic rock’n roll instrumentations‚Ķ guitars, bass, keyboards, pianos, programmed drums and strings all performed and programmed by himself, one could easily imagine that the sound of Stian Summer would be heading towards a rather self-indulgent, self-absorbing destiny.


One Man Band: Scandinavian born singer-songwriter and BritishPopSongs founder Ian Nilsen performs for the first time as his alter-ego Stian Summer on his soon to be released debut “Introducing Stian Summer Volume One”.

Having literally composed, arranged and produced hundreds of songs via his very productive past in London or later for the host of artists that have had been lucky enough to be part of the BritshPopSongs family before being scaled down by him last year, he is now making chart breakthroughs with a collection of songs written for himself by himself that draws influences from 70’s and 80’s British Pop music, from Bowie, Cure, Smiths and Coldplay.

Dividing his time between Copenhagen and Berlin, he got his eyes set on top 20, with an album that embraces all the good about British and Scandinavian music. Lush harmonies, edgy guitars, catchy tunes and a hell of a lot of attitude.

Although Stian Summer is not exactly ‘real’, being a half fictious figure based loosely on Ian himself (albeit younger and less responsible) so to say, Ian do bring much heart and soul into this rather unique album. It happens to be his first album that he does for himself.

The opening track Lucy is exactly that kind of understaded, rock anthem tune that you might expect from such a workaholic and dedicated man, and as you scroll through the songs, all ten of them, there is a sense that this probably is only the very beginning in the career of Stian Summer.

Introducing Stian Summer Volume One is out on BritishPopSongs this spring via BritishPopSongs.

Free downloads via the BritishPopSongs #singleclub here: