Introducing Stian Summer (Volume 1)

ARTIST: Stian Summer
ALBUM: Introducing Volume 1
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
Final Release Date: 2016-2017
Label Contact: Britishpopsongs.

Introducing Stian Summer Volume 1.

Introducing Stian Summer Volume 1 is the debut album from the very founder of BritshPopSongs, Ian Nilsen and his alter-ego Stian Summer and here he takes us through each of them tracks.


One Man Band: Scandinavian born singer-songwriter and BritishPopSongs founder Ian Nilsen performs for the first time as his alter-ego Stian Summer on his soon to be released debut single “Lucy” taken from forthcoming album “Introducing Stian Summer Volume One”.

Having literally composed, arranged and produced hundreds of songs via his very productive past in London or later for the host of artists that have had been lucky enough to be part of the BritshPopSongs family before being scaled down by him last year, he is now making chart breakthroughs with a collection of songs written for himself by himself that draws influences from 70’s and 80’s British Pop music, from Bowie, Cure, Smiths and Coldplay.

Dividing his time between Copenhagen and Berlin, he got his eyes set on top 20, with an album that embraces all the good about British and Scandinavian music. Lush harmonies, edgy guitars, catchy tunes and a hell of a lot of attitude.

Although Stian Summer is not exactly ‘real’, being a half fictious figure based loosely on Ian himself (albeit younger and less responsible) so to say, Ian do bring much heart and soul into this rather unique album. It happens to be his first album that he does for himself.


This Is Berlin

“It’s been underway for a little while, my song to my face city. Its actually part of an album due sometime 2015, where 10 different artists connected to Berlin each does their version. This is my original version, a kind of Rocky David Bowie 70’s style, blended with Stian.”

Brand New Day

“I would so much hope that this ‘U2’ moment of mine, could become kind of a hit single for me. It contains bits of all my favorite things, the beat, the Stian kind of vocals, bittersweet stadium soundscapes and so on. ”


“This mid-tempo track was first thrown around as an early indicator during the later Kings Road days” Ian reflects “and somehow I think that it was this very track that made me want to do Stian some day”. I actually did not know any Lucy’s, sometime you just sit there singing these lines and you are kind of stuck with it. I actually did meet a Lucy later, she was a waitress down the local, beautiful she was, she’s probably out in the world somewhere with her boyfriend and will never know that it’s kind of her song now!”

She Told She Loved Me Not

“For long this was the real contender for first single from Stian, recorded on a sunday morning after a rather long night out, listening to lot of old 70’s and 80’s New York underground classics in a cool Copenhagen club. In some years i guess it could be regarded as the real defining Stian moment, maybe.”

Higher Love

“Initially composed for a girl vocalist as a film score track, I quickly understood that it was pure Stian. I simply adore the female sha-la-la’s all over. You can notice that these theme is present all the way through the song shifting instruments along the way.”


“Original written for a German LA-based artist I decided that I was better off not giving this track to anyone else than Stian. He shire is a pop sensation, but so does Stian try to be, haha, well I think this kind of half tempo upbeat thing suits his universe very well.”

Silly Thing

“This track was an early debut from the sessions of what was to become Stian Summer.

A fresh catchy 80’s style British Edgy Pop track that got bits of the CURE and even Sex Pistols in there. Also check out the remixed version.”

Eyes Of A Tiger

“Oh, that title… I mean, although not exactly the same as the Rocky one soundtrack title, it’s a little close. I have tried to change it numbers of times, but without success, and as the years passes, i guess it’s no longer a problem. Absolutely one of the bigger beats that i have ever produced.

Right From Wrong

This song was actually written with a German female in mind, She declined it even as I wanted her to work on it together with me. It would also have been good for somebody like Nena, but I don’t know her or her people. Had problems with getting the chorus right always, think this remake works, I’m happy with it now.”


“First version of this track was was written ages ago, this is the original beat, very British circa late eighties. If you like, try to have a go at the remixed version, interesting.”


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