Stian Summer – Introducing Volume One . Album Fact Sheet

Scandinavian founder of BritishPopSongs – Ian Nilsen releases “Introducing Stian Summer Volume 1” on his BritishPopSongs imprint.

Ten ultra catchy radio friendly songs, is it pop or ultra pop? or bittersweet pop or pop frustrated? Who cares, when the songs come out good in the end, and so they do on Ian Nilsen’s alter-ego Stian Summer’s debut.


Ian Nilsen lead an impressing double life. One one hand, his is a serious musical entrepreneur doing a string of unconventional things in the ‘real’ world of music, particulary Germany where have spend a fair amount of time since a few years working tiredless his label and a yet to hit the airwaves superstar: “The perfect popstar”, and on the other, his alter-ego, always go happy, never die, I do what i wan’t Stian Summer, that is if not exactly a new Bowie, then someone that could well pretend to be. Not that Ian would ever admit or even agree the slightest: “No way, there will never be another him, but hey thanks for telling me, but sorry, No!.

Ian Nilsen has made his name throughout a long career that took him to London in the end, but it was only on his return to his native Scandinavia, that the idea of Stian Summer came good. There was no point in doing a self-titled album, he has written so many songs for so many people, that he would be seen himself as a copy of some of these highly talented artists, but by being Stian he eventually shows that he can be himself albeit under alias, do high profile pop as with an understatement and do radio friendly bittersweet pop. Ian carries on the good form that he has shown since launching his label BritishPopSongs, a real determination to do good. This is cooler than cool and a nice reminder that British songwriting and Swedish music production actually goes nice hand in hand, very nicely indeed.

Stian Summer
Introducing Stian Summer Volume One

Lucy 3:20
This IS Berlin 3:42
She Told She Loved Me Not 3:28
Higher Love 2:31
Brand Nw Day 3:42
Temptation 3;30
Silly Thing 3:13
Eyes Of A Tiger 4:39
Right From Wrong 3:29
Suzannah 3:11

Written, Performed and Produced by Ian Nilsen

Recorded in Copenhagen
Mix and Mastering by BeatHouse International
Management by BeatHouse International


P&C 2015 by BritishPopSongs&BeatHouSe International

All rights reserved, unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring,
lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited

The album is out this spring and could be a contender for the most unexpected radio release of 2015.


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