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Question time with the Stian Summer Project.

Ten minutes with the Stian Summer Project.

Stian Summer

Stian Summer

In May 2011 the Stian Summer releases TSSP VOLUME ONE. If you like edgy pop, high octane with catchy choruses then maybe you will like this. It’s music for grown ups that doesn’t really wants to grow up, at least not yet.

Hello there, exciting times isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s good at the moment.

Down the years which of these songs do you think will last the distance?

I do think that tracks like Lucy and yet to be released She Told She Loved Me Not will be the songs that i always will have close to heart. They sort of defined the sound of the Stian Summer project.

Did you get rid of any unwanted tracks for the release?

Yeah, sure, I got tons of songs lying around, so it is important to be cool headed in your choice of songs and not just release every single song that you have. That would confuse both myself and fans out there.

Would you qualify your album as perfect grown up pop music?

Don’t know about the ‘perfect’ tag, but ‘grown up pop’ will do fine. The thing is that i’m inspired by lots of music from the 80’s, but as an adult i have leaned to really love both the 60’s and 70’s. I have no real connection to music from the 50’s though.

Do you feel that you are more indie or mainstream?

It’s difficult, I am probably most known for the mainstream bits, but my approach is very much indie. The way that my label is run and operates, how we produce records and go about things.

What are you trying to archive with your music?

Pure joy… In the end I do music for myself, and if you can live off that, then great. I am one of these adults that somehow never grows up, although my approach to music is pretty adult in a way. Naturally it’s a big pleasure to get th music that i’m involved with out to the world and if you get fans along the way that’s simply great.

Do your songs comes easy?

Yeah, they do generally. Having said that, the idea and the framework is pretty instant even, it’s the work that goes into producing it that is a bit more unpredictable. And then you got artwork, videos, PR and all these things on top. Add to that the moment hen a song effectively takes a life of it’s own, where you rehearse or perform the songs in live settings.

What is the musical inspiration of the band and the overall feel?

Inspiration is pretty much Britain. A fantastic place for music and such great traditions. I grew up with this music as so many others. Not that there are no great bands from US and other places, but maybe the proximity of everything in England made it my sound.

What is the most exciting thing about being a recording artist?

Probably that you one minute sit there singing by yourself and the next your songs are out there having a life off their own. That’s pretty fantastic.

Is this the record you wanted to make in the first place?

This is the record I want to make right now. A recording is basically a picture of one way of represnting a song, there are tons of ways in the end.

and last question.. would you say that your looks are becoming a problem now? (laugh…)

Well, I better shape up a bit soon. My mum has been at me for ages.

the Stian Summer project is out May 2011 on BritishPopSongs.


Invisible Art Rock from London.

NextStopArt is by no means the the most visible of bands coming out of London at the moment. Only a handful of rather silly cartoons warns us of a series of rather good British inspired tunes due to hit us this spring. With no gigs to their name yet, not even a proper video there is not much information to obtain for either the media or the public.



Label manager at BritishPopSongs Ian Nilsen says that he does indeed have more than a hand in it himself, but refuses to talk too much about what appears to be much more than just a silly idea. He is the producer among other things on the project and is truly excited about the prospect of where it’s going to go to.

“I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t recall why I came up with the idea of a semi virtual London Art Rock band concept, a virtual band playing and performing arty pop tunes.”

Anticipating bit criticism at some point, he then mentions that: “I’m my own boss now, and find it great that I can actually do what I want to when I want to, you see, I haven’t always had it that way, so I’m here to enjoy the ride. I’m also a musician at heart, so why halt making what I like most in the world… music. ”

The first single A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall was on pre-release on the BEST OF BritishPopSongs VOLUME ONE out in January.

BritishPopSongs, Et moderne label der konstant prøver grænser af. (Dansk)

Ved at fastholde en sand kærlighed til Britisk pop musik har BritishPopSongs i 2014 æren af at være en reel frontløber for u-afhænging musik udgivelse på det globale plan.

Med en ganske fandenivoldsk attitude med hensyn til den etablerede musik-branche prøver de igen og igen at bevise at ved at være innovative og grænse overskridende at musik industrien langfra er død og begravet, men tværtimod lever i bedste velgående på det globale plan.

BritishPopSongs udgiver et hav af singler med kunstnere som vel har ligget udenfor de etablerede selskabers radar, men som mestrer både deres musikalske håndværk og har har en reeel original tilgang indenfor deres kunstneriske virkefelt som de fleste gamle selskaber ikke kunne eller ville turde satse på i 2012. Samtidig er der en klar og stram rød tråd i både lyd og profil i deres produktioner som håndhæves med hård hånd af deres label. Man kan sige at alle små otte kunstnere som er tilknyttet falder indenfor den samme musikalske genre, nemlig en nænsom opdatering af den klassiske Britiske lyd tilføjet en stor kærlighed for iørefaldne kompositioner som forhåbenligt lever i bevidstheden længe efter musikken stopper.

Styken i BritishPopSongs ligger vel i forståelsen for at skrue det sikre pop hit sammen kombineret med en god forståelse for hvor den globale pop musik i 2012 bevæger sig hen imod.


A throwback to 90’s London

The sun is shining from a very blue sky, one can feel that spring finally is with us. Its monday morning, end of March and i have a coffee with Ian Nilsen, boss at BritishPopSongs UK. It’s not often you see him in public on mornings, maybe only mondays will do.

Ian Nilsen
Ian Nilsen

Ian Nilsen

Back in the 90’s Britain was full of optimism and hope. BritPop was huge and the musical scene kind of exploded. Today times are much harder and jobs are scarce and difficult to find.

Ian wanted to have people doing all the record business work for him, recording, producing, pr, managing etc etc. What he didn’t realise was that all this costs a ton of money, money that he would not get himself in the end. ‘At school the dream was getting a record deal, getting famous and having fun, lot of it. That kind of followed through the years, until i started to realise that eventually it had to come from myself all this. It’s excellent to have people working with you, no doubt, but only if you have some kind of control, you are avoiding defeat at some point in a very competitive industry’. So at day he worked his socks off, fine-tuning what would become his masterplan and at night he networked his way through the web of contacts. ‘People are by far the most important thing to take into account. There will be nothing without people, and so many got so much talent out there.’

However its also difficult only to make contacts in the nightlife, often things are forgotten when the cocktails are replaced by aspirins the morning after, so Ian has always stuck with an incredible work ethic during daytime.

Now we have 2012 and nothing has really changed. He still feel lucky and even with some talent and a lot of determination he knows that being in the right place at the right time is so ever important. It seems that the right place is somewhere else right now, he has just left the room in a hurry. We didin’t even get any time to talk about his latest release, the ArtRockers, Next Stop Art. Well have to be another time then.

BritishPopSongs releases singles every two weeks.

For more info follow them on

A Modern Man – Can’t Imagine – Press Release

ARTIST: A Modern Man
TRACK: I Can’t Imagine
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
DISTRIBUTION: iTunes, Amazon and all other major digital outlets
Release Date: 1’st of April 2013
Label Contact: Ian Nilsen, Britishpopsongs.

Professional boheme A Modern Man is releasing his debut single in Germany on the 1’st of April, the beautiful mid-tempo love song, Can’t Imagine. A front runner for his forth-coming EP TRANSFORMATIONS out early summer, it’s a song that holds plenty of emotions, an intro you’ll be humming for weeks and a chorus that if nothing embraces you into the wonderful bittersweet universe that is A Modern Man.

Essentially he touches all ages with his universe of mainstream indie pop that sits so well on radio and at the same time makes you stop and listen a voice to die for and lyrics that touch down deep.

Can’t Imagine is the first of a series of singles all due for release on the German market throughout of 2013 and 2014 and A Modern Man will play some promotional showcases as a support to the release, while a larger double act tour is being planned for late 2013 together with his label.

Tour details to be announced.

A Modern Man


Can’t Imagine
Walking down, walking down
Passing everything I use to do
Walking down, walking down
Hopping I still have a place with you

Wonder why, wonder why
Something always pulled me of the track
Wonder why, wonder why
I could never find my way home back

I can’t imagine
To be with anyone but you right now now
With you right now
With you right now

Looking back, looking back
Facing everything I can’t undo
Looking back, looking back
Knowing I’ve been missing out on you

Falling down falling down
I couldn’t feel it till I felt the lack
Falling down falling down
All I want now is to get you back


I wasn’t always the best at being your man
So many long legged distractions kept bending my plan


About BritishPopSongs in 20 lines

BritishPopSongs is an online label started summer 2010 by Ian Nilsen, a longtime London resident and a songwriter/producer/artist himself.

It embraces the British sound from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, ranging from early David Bowie, Roxy Music to BritPop area bands like Blur and Oasis.
The release schedule is hectic, singles are released twice monthly with a Best Of compilations every 6 month. The label is aimed at everyone, also older fans of this music that somehow doesn’t really get all the new young bands, but that also feel interesting in new songs too, not just compilations and re-issues.



It was the idea of promoting good songs on much simplified manners using the internet initially and a hub website, that started it all, instead of old ways of pressing records and having several months of lead times for every release. With the internet today you reach fans with minutes, and if your sound and songs are good enough and you know how to get the word out, there is not much stopping you. The internet has also made the whole process very dynamic. If something doesn’t work out, you’d simply change it again. A release does not get some good reception, it goes down again. The artists make a home video and it’s online same afternoon, etc. With artwork the story is the same, it’s much faster to create artwork for online use, than for print.