Month: July 2015

About BritishPopSongs

BritishPopSongs is an online record label releasing singles at a fast pace.


The musical style is British 70’s 80s and 90s and influenced by artists such as David Bowie, Roxy Music, ColdPlay, Blur and Oasis. It embraces social networks such as FaceBook, Twitter and Soundcloud to get out to a wide range of fans. The singles are release in two weeks slots with BEST OF compilations twice a year.

The official start date has been put down as 1′st of October 2010 and was founded by former London musician/artist/producer Ian Nilsen without any funding in an attempt to get what he describes as his own sound out in the big world. The idea was to create a label that much more should be identified by a sound than by individual artists.

BPS also embraces attempts of online magazines, internet radio channels, YouTube channels, live concerts, merchandising and books.
BPS has a close tie with a movement names NewBritPop, that sort of takes the 90’s BritPop in a new direction without pretending to match the scale of the original.

Ian Nilsen, Label Manager

“It’s all about having a degree of fun and getting songs out in the big world, songs and sounds that lives in me. It’s also about having full control about whats going on and being able to do just about everything you want to with having a steady flow of opinions from other people. If we want to change strategy over night, well, we do it, if we want to release a live recording done this afternoon, well, the off we go.”

During 2011 BPS is planning to embrace traditional channels such as terrestrial radio and TV and bigger commercial advertising campaigns.

Lots of cool music from the boys at britishPopSongs on where you can find many links.


NextStopArt – Can Art Rock too? A bit of a blur

By the time Ian had completed the 10 songs for his NextStopArt album it no longer sounded the way it was intended to. Among all the good intentions to produce a record that had no real instruments on it, only electronic sounds, he suddenly let loose his inner demons and threw on an electric guitar and it was all become Art Rock. He sort of took these songs to a new height yet still strugling to come to terms with what would have been a real ‘art case’. So instead of tons of electronic blips and 808 drum patterns we now hear big drums, bas, guitars and the rest.

So what happened there? Well, I went along with my original idea in mind, but somehow felt I was capable of more. I sort of had to plunge in properly if it was going to be a good record. Not happy then? If only, no I really love the sound and of course the songs, and in the end of the day they are what matters. It is music, just not new electronic music, instead its my music, and my art project.

There is niggling senesation that NSA is a one-man show, but it should be said that NextStopArt is a band, a traditionel band in every sense, played and recorded in realtime.

A Modern Day PopPoet (the biography)


Somebody behind the singing

A Modern Man is a truly exciting new artist, someone that sounds completely fresh and different, and yet at the same time gives you a feeling that you have known him forever. A Modern Man is also somebody that possess one of the absolute the strongest characteristics that a singer can possibly have; you can feel that he really means what he sings. No matter if it’s a pop ballad or a rock song you always feel the presence of the person behind the lyrics and the singing. You get this special feeling that this is actually somebody who wants to tell you something with his music.

Ask him into it, and he replies

“It’s all about finding the combination between being strong and being vulnerable. If you are not strong you will not find your own voice but will sound just like singers before you. At the same time as being strong you also have to be vulnerable or your music will not connect with other people. Connecting with other people in music is just like in real life, you have to show something true about yourself, even if it hurts a bit.”

Finding your way through life

Finding your way through life is a strong theme in many of his songs. This includes anything from finding the inner power to take on life and reach for what you truly want, even though you will get your shares of hard times for trying. The bittersweet feel to his universe comes from the balance between facing a not always pretty reality but always holding on to your desires in life.

As he himself puts it

“The 2 EP’s, Transformation (part 1 and part 2), can be seen as the soundtrack to my life the last couple of years. It’s songs about me growing strong enough and brave enough to embrace my life and live it despite all the sadness and uncertainty life always comes with. To me writing songs is a way to accept that also hard times is part of life and even has a value.”

The inspirations

There can be no doubt that the musical universe of A Modern Man is deeply rooted in the great British musical tradition. You can hear bits of David Bowie, Keane, the Smiths, Coldplay and current bands such as the Hurts in there, yet at the same time it’s well different, something that is much down to his remarkable husky mid-range voice.

For people who have followed him already this probably comes as no big surprise as breakthrough in A Modern Mans writing came when he  started working with label manager Ian Nilsen from BritishPopSongs, UK. A label that specializes in building on top of the great British songwriting tradition.

What they have developed is a tight songwriting relationship that over the years have grown into a great friendship.  “We both had a desire to bring back the grand songs with a powerful chorus and kind of big productions. For me this is very connected to finding my inner power. For Ian I suspect it’s more about a love of the 70s, 80s and 90s music and all the good parties he had over his years in London ” A Modern Man says with a bantering grind of his face.

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