Month: August 2015

A Modern Man: ‘The Man Who Learned To Live’ Live Show

“It’s just a man and the gimp on electric guitar and it’s simply hit after hit, stadium hits” – Alex, Marquee Club, Berlin July 2014.

The Scandinavian, sometime Berlin resident, A Modern Man has put together his most intimate show to date, The Man Who Learned To Live.

You will be entertained and you will be left wondering for days. The A Modern Man show is not quite like anything else. It’s an intelligent mixture of music, talk and a lot of humor. The show evolves around the album ‘The Man Who Learned to Live’ and is the story of A Modern Mans finding way through life. The show is performed by A Modern Man and his label manager Ian who for the night will leave any managerial duties behind to indulge himself in the love of music with the fullest Rock’n’Roll attitude.

No two shows are quite the same as ‘keeping it real’ is the mantra of the show. As A Modern Man explains “the show is different every time. We pick up the vibes from the audience and we bring our life to the show. If I’m in love you will recognize that in the show or if I am a little annoyed with life you will see that too. Its really rather simple – sing about what truly matters to you and the music will stay alive with you”.

BOOKINGS: contact Ian Nilsen at BeatHouse Copenhagen



From Riff To Radio – About Us

IN has in many years worked as producer/writer and artist on a large amount of  recordings with many different artists. He has been based in London for over a decade and have always followed closely the development of the music industry as it has changed from the old model with big major record companies to what it is slowly becoming today. He has also been a keen networker on the many industry events around the world.

He have always had a keen interest in the business itself, don’t forget that the UK recording industry was for long the 3 biggest export in the country. We also know today that the global music market generates a whopping 30 Billion Dollars a year! yes that\s correct, so any saying that there is no future in music is plain rubbish. And the best part is that a much larger share of all that money today goes to the artists themselves.

Originally a vivid jazz pianist, it would not take long before he started to have a keen interest in pop and rock music. If there is one thing nearly all people have in common then that is popular music. You always have songs that reminds you of things in the past, your first love, first break up etc. Songs are very important in so many people lives. Much more than movies and sport.

When working as producer he can take the simplest of ideas (usually the simplest are the very best) and just get on with it on his beloved laptop and make music that would in the past have had to be made in expensive million dollars recording studios. Software and computers have today become both so cheap and powerful that we never could have dreamt about even 10 years back, and thus have made it possible to make music for no money, with only hard and persistent work and of course talent.

Some years ago IN started BPS, a complete rethink of the the workings of a traditional record label, where there should be no obstacles in getting music out to the the fans. There would be no CD returns, un-sold and lying around in boxes, no complicated contracts that artists would live to regret and so on. And its very much becoming a success. BPS is still growing its rather big  fanbase by the day, in the end simply by releasing cool songs that people like. All artists and label share what they earn and artists very much take part in their own career development such as promoting themselves.

Now with this book he will try to learn tips and tricks how to actually get your music heard out there, in this first instalment, by the radios.

Singles Club – Lucy (Remixed)

ARTIST: Stian Summer
TRACK: Lucy (remixed)
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
DISTRIBUTION: Available as free download February 2015
Release Date: 6th of February 2016
Label Contact:

About the Stian Summer project….

It’s pop/punk for grown ups that doesn’t really wants to grow up, a kind of a youth culture of the grown ups.
It’s glamour although deep in thoughts, yet still capricious and fun.

the Stian Summer project is very much a solo project of Ian Nilsen, label manager at BritishpopSongs UK, a label he started in 2010 and that specialises in the great tradition of British music and songwriting all way through the 70’s, 80’s until today coupled with Swedish production traditions.

Stian Summer is as least partly virtual, unlike Ian, he’s in his 20’s still, but have experienced much more in life. Ian likes to say that he stopped growing any older turning 25.

“Stian Summer is an artist that simply does his own things, in the end it’s all about songs in the end” Ian Nilsen – February 2016

A range of great performers will be covering Stian Summer tracks and in many ways they are becoming him in their own kind of way.

The 1st of February 2016 started a year long campaign, a free every forthnight download of a Stian Summer recording. Simply subscribe to the the blog here if you wish to receive an automatic download every second weekend.

Download BritishPopSongs Singles Club #1

Ian Nilsen: “Time is perfect to enter the next phase.”

Founder and Exec from BritishPopSongs  / BeatHouse Managment & Online PR agency Ian Nilsen reveals plans for the next phase of the BeatHouse/BritishPopSongs adventure in Berlin.


Ian Nilsen mentioned that the current change of tone within the global recording industry over the last six months signaled that it was time to move into the next phase of the label probably a little earlier than predicted in 2013. BritishPopSongs initially planned to continue spending considerable time with it’s semi-pro roaster and thus giving them amble time to continue development, however this seems to have given too little time for the real professionals and the more dedicated among the roaster.

“I feel that we need to balance it a little more, first and foremost to keep a good cash-flow, because without it, we essential would put ourselves in a corner. At the same time I  also feel that we need to prioritize the artists that really fight their corner a little more, and the ones that goes a bit loose a little less attention at the moment.

I guess it’s a pretty natural thing to do.

I feel that being an artist today is all about sustaining, a willing to succeed, invest in your own career, keep going, effectively be the artist that you pretend to be. If music is your hobby, no problem, but within the framework of BritishPopSongs that is not really possible.

The beauty with this label is that we produces high quality indie/pop because we so believe in it, and for us to be loose and easy to work with we must make sure that we all as artists are all in, that everyone want sto invest in themselves as artists”

Ian Nilsen say that in terms of company setups, there will be some changes too.

BeatHouse International will be home to Management and Online PR for both the top parts of BritishPopSongs artists and then for artists that are not associated with the label. These are all artists that are top of their game now and true professionals.

BritishPopSongs will run effectively run a two-level structure with a few priority artists and then a number of artists that for on reason or another goes easy on the ride so to speak.

International project related song writing/producing tasks by Ian Nilsen will also be managed by BeatHouse International from now on.

Ian Nilsen – talks about the importance of being independent, but also ensuring that it all doesn’t run out in the sand.

“I really feel proud of launching something that has grown this much, with a 100 song strong catalogue, that can go challenge all the bigger players in the industry when everyone just kept asking when you were going to fold and stay grounded. This next step is just moving us even closer the ultimate goal, being able to release hit records made by ourselves  but in partnership with some of the best of the people in the industry. What I will make sure is that the my artists are on top of the game and real professionals that you can count on”