Month: September 2015

Tonite by Stina

It is a first for BritishPopSongs to release “female vox pop” and a somehow career-defining moment for Stina, a singer of many talents in her own right.

Friday the 15th of March her new single, the rather infectious, Tonite, will be released through the label.

“It is as catchy as a BritishPopSongs chorus ever will be, claims Ian, label manager at BritishPopSongs, and the fine tone in her vocals sits perfect with the usual Brit influenced production, that we have come to expect from BPS.

Stina Tonite BritishPopSongs

Stina Tonite BritishPopSongs

…And with a female vocalist, what exciting times it is.

BritishPopsSongs is and has alwasy been a bit male dominated to say the least, so it is well refreshing to hear this popping up.

Ian is clasifying the sound as “British Vox Pop” however Stina is imposing a sound that is very much a sound of her own, and one that we will learn much more about in the near future.

For the record, Stina has another two singles coming up late spring and over the summer.


Meeting up with Stina… living, loving and dreaming big

We met up with fine singer/songwriter Stina to talk about her single Tonite, out next month on BritishPopSongs.

Stina - BritishPopSongs

Stina - BritishPopSongs

A real nice song you have for us, how did it come about?

Writing songs is always an interesting process that begins with a basic idea and then develops from there in ways that I could never have imagined. I picked an overall theme which everyone can relate to – love – and then I offered my personal view on it. I wanted to put a piece of myself into the song and at the same time leave space for people to interpret it in a way that is meaningful to them. With that in mind I just started humming melodies and singing random words to it and at some point then the word tonite appeared in a chorus line and the chorus was more or less built around that word. The chorus of the song turned out really strong and powerful so I have tried to simplify the verses to make it stand out even more. I tend to use a lot of words to describe emotions, situations and people and I am so into the details, but with this song I challenged myself to keep it very simple. And I actually think that this simplicity has made the song more powerful.

Tonite when love is strong? explain?

Tonite is a song about love but it is not a love song in the traditional way. If you dig a little deeper into the meaning of the words, this song deals with one of the most essential aspects of human nature. In all of us there is this wish to be seen and loved for who we truly are. Everything we do is motivated by that underlying wish to be loved. Love is such a paradox. It is at the core of everything. Nothing and none of us would exist without it and yet everybody seems to be searching for it, right? And when we feel that we have found it we try to hold on to it. But the thing is that love is not something you get. It is something you give. You always had it and you always will have it. And you’ve got so much that you can give all you want and never run dry. Sometimes it can seem like love is not there, but it is only an illusion created in our minds. It can never not be there. Knowing all of this, I still find myself wondering about love and trying to figure it out. When love is strong between two people, is also when we can feel the most weak and vulnerable. That’s another side of the paradox. My personal experience is that the more I try to understand love with my mind the further away it seems to be. And the more I try to hold on to it when I feel it, the bigger the risk of losing that feeling. On the contrary, I’ve found that the more I can let go of wanting love, the more love I feel. And it is not limited to being in love with another person. It’s everywhere. That is what the song is about. How it feels when love is so strong and unconditional that it can no longer be understood intellectually but can only make sense to the heart. I know it’s a big mouthful, and at the end of the day I just hope that the song will inspire people to give more love to others and stop running around chasing it like it wasn’t there already.

You a showcasing a sound that is very much your own, what other female artists do you listen to?

As many as I can. And I am inspired by many different styles of music as well. The list is long and includes artists like Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, Jewel, Dolly Parton, Kate Bush, Debbie Harris, Dixie Chicks, Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple.

You have a few more singles coming up, tell about them…

Yes, that’s right. I wrote two other songs at the same time as I wrote Tonite. They are being finalized as we speak. One is a pop ballad – I like to think of it as a lullaby – and the other one is a little reminder that we can always turn inside to find peace and silence when the World seems a out of control. Without revealing too much here, I’d say that you can expect to hear something that is “very much my own style” and quite unique sounding.

Who else is in here? – the beginning of the Charming Fuck You Show

by A Modern Man

“I have no idea who that guy is”. That would be the simple question. Well that is, if it wasn’t for the fact that the guy is me or at least shares a body with me. So who are we talking about here? We are talking about who I become when getting a mic in my hand and I do rather often get the question “who are you when you step up on the side and start preaching about the many great dangers of that thing called love?”. To tell you the truth, I’m not all that sure. It does not feel like any version of me that I was aware of until that mic and that stage showed up. To be honest it sometimes feels a bit scary to know that I share a body with that guy.

It all started when label manager Ian and I were planning the live show for the album. We knew that we did not only want a typical band show with drums, bass, keys and guitars. I was very keen on doing something more intimate where the lyrics would get a leading part. However, I wasn’t sure exactly what the character and the overall feeling of the show should be. In the beginning I thought it would be a vocal and piano thing. We actually did the show like that in the beginning, Ian on the piano and me doing the vocals and telling a bit about the lyrics between the songs. In many ways the show worked just fine, but thinking about it now I was a bit too polite for my taste.

What changed the show to what it is now was actually a bit of an coincidence. We were out somewhere one evening and somebody asked us to play a few songs. Since they did not have a piano Ian picked up an electric guitar that was plugged in and started to play some of the chords. I think he did it kind of as a prank as the guitar with lots of distortion did not sound remotely like the piano but I played along and started to introduce the song. I remember feeling right away that the sound of the guitar called for a very different way of introducing the songs and started to be a lot more playful about it. During the evening Ian started to double the vocals in the choruses and I began to let go to this strange preaching persona that was showing up in me.

By the way. That was also the evening the show got it’s nickname. At some point half way into the show I find myself addressing the audience with a deep serious woice and welcoming them to ‘The Charming Fuck You Show’ by A Modern Man

2 minutes with Ian Nilsen from BritishPopSongs

Ian Nilsen out of hip online label BritishPopSongs is having an inability to keep quiet for a moment and is having none of it if he’s told to slow down a bit.

Ian Nilsen, BritishPopSongs

Ian Nilsen, BritishPopSongs

“You Know,  there is so much fun to have in the music business right and it’s only going to more and more. All the bad things about the business that i hated before slowly seems to disappear in front of us, and isn’t that just great?

Just read an article about how labels is fighting their corner to keep copyrights for bands they signed in 1978, because some US law came in at that time and limited the period they could keep the copyright was 35 years! Today we do as we like, very much and i’m so grateful that we can. Years ago we even had to sign agreements when we sat down to puzzle with songs even before hitting the first note”

It’s an odd situation for many record people out there, because many does indeed get quite exposed now, because they never were good at much, and just hang about changing jobs all the times, where all the poor people they signed was left behind with bad deals.

Of course they were ( and are ) good record people too, so what probably happens right now is that the good ones stay put.

“The one that i learned quickly” ,  Ian says, “is that you eventually only got yourself and your close network around to really count on in the end, so when the going gets tough, you must be able to sort things out by yourself. And the only way you can get to the core of it all, is by having full control over your career and hold all rights to your material”

Ian is label manager at BritishPopSongs, an online label that releases records at a fast pace and that is one of the ones to look out for here in the second half of 2011.

A Modern Man – The Man Who Learned To Live “live&stripped”

“It’s just a man and the gimp on electric guitar and it’s simply hit after hit, stadium hits” – Alex, Marquee Club, Berlin July 2014.

A Modern Man – the Man Who Learned To Live – ‘live&stripped’ from BritishPopSongs on Vimeo.

The Scandinavian, sometime Berlin resident, A Modern Man has put together his most intimate show to date, The Man Who Learned To Live.
You will be entertained and you will be left wondering for days. The A Modern Man show is not quite like anything else. It’s an intelligent mixture of music, talk and a lot of humor. The show evolves around the album ‘The Man Who Learned to Live’ and is the story of A Modern Mans finding way through life. The show is performed by A Modern Man and his label manager Ian who for the night will leave any managerial duties behind to indulge himself in the love of music with the fullest Rock’n’Roll attitude.

A Modern Man – Teach Me “live&stripped” from BritishPopSongs on Vimeo.

No two shows are quite the same as ‘keeping it real’ is the mantra of the show. As A Modern Man explains “the show is different every time. We pick up the vibes from the audience and we bring our life to the show. If I’m in love you will recognize that in the show or if I am a little annoyed with life you will see that too. Its really rather simple – sing about what truly matters to you and the music will stay alive with you”.

BOOKINGS: contact Ian Nilsen at BeatHouse Copenhagen

A Modern Man – What Will Change Me “live&stripped” from BritishPopSongs on Vimeo.