Month: October 2016

All I really really wan’t… is to produce crowd-pleasers.

It’s hard not to be smitten by the uplifting big beats and bittersweet harmonies of BritishPopSongs UK.
RoW is somehow a trademark T.S.S.P. sounding track that mixes his beloved 80’s inspired British songwriting with the dance elements of 2014.

T.S.S.P. is producer and co-writer of such cool new acts as A Modern Man, the Stina Summer project and Mathildes Destiny among others, and he is loved by many followers around the globe. Some years back he ditched a job producing for many label signed acts to fully concentrating on getting his own trademark ‘sound’ out in the world.

“There was no more point in keeping helping others to get the production that they wanted with me just sitting there doing it for them” he explains over lunch this saturday afternoon.
“I recognized early on that even working with sparkling singers wouldn’t do it for me in the long run, and one morning i just work up and said, That’s it. I’m going alone now. Today I got my own people around me and that a fantastic feeling, that we are on this onslaught on the world with that sound that i got in my head night and day. ”

“Yeah, I know i tend to try to produce crowd-pleasers, tunes that hopefully sticks to your brain for ages, but that is what I like to do.”

He once said that being well connected in the music business can go both ways, of course you get to work with a lot of established acts, but that can also be a trap in the long run. You also end up doing tons of different sounding records.

“I always admired bands that would change direction every 4-5 years or so, I know my idol, Bowie, did it even more often, but still, and now after all these years you talk about his Berlin period, his Let’s Dance period and so on.”

In the end, sitting here in a borrowed Dockland flat, summer 2014, sporting his old Worldcup 1966 jacket and some tired worn out jeans, still looking a bit dizzy after a rather late night out, he just smiles and says

“Hey, I’m, a party animal, work maybe 60 hours weeks, but i do for the sake of the music i guess.


A Modern Man – Cant Imagine

ARTIST: A Modern Man
TRACK: Can’t Imagine
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
DISTRIBUTION: iTunes, Amazon and all other major digital outlets
Release Date: 24’th of May 2013
Label Contact: Ian Nilsen, Britishpopsongs.
LabelCode: 30036
ISRC: DKZE21300101

“Some songs just have it all: they are catchy with a strong emotional message and they unfold so naturally from the first to the last note. I Can’t Imagine, by A Modern Man, is one of these songs.”

The highly talented modern day PopPoet, A Modern Man, is releasing his debut single in Germany April 2013, the beautiful mid-tempo love song, Can’t Imagine. A front runner for his forth-coming EP TRANSFORMATIONS out early summer, it’s a song that holds plenty of emotions, an intro you’ll be humming for weeks and a chorus that if nothing embraces you into the wonderful bittersweet universe that is A Modern Man. Essentially he touches all ages with his universe of mainstream indie pop that sits so well on radio and at the same time makes you stop and listen a voice to die for and lyrics that touch down deep.

You Know It When You Hear It: The sound of A Modern Man is unmistakable British. With clear inspiration from British music from the 70s, 80s and 90s it’s a sound of big harmonies and catchy melody lines. What makes it both new and rather special is how the bold sound is combined with a nerve from a melancholic and bitter-sweet vocal that draws you inn on another level.

Lyrics with Depth and Nerve: Just like the sound the lyrics consist of many bold and catchy phrases that often contain more layers than first perceived. Many of the lyrics seem to evolve around a theme about how life is never easy but lever letting this keeping you from living your life to the fullest. Though A Modern Man always claims that the lyrics are personal there are little doubt that many of the songs can and will be perceived as comment on modern life in general.
Can’t Imagine is the first of a series of singles all due for release on the German market throughout of 2013 and 2014 and A Modern Man will play some promotional showcases as a support to the release, while a larger double act tour is being planned for late 2013 together with his label.

About the record label: BritishPopSongs UK is a trendsetting UK/Scandinavian record label started 2010 that releases records at a fast pace from some of the most innovative main stream artists around in 2013. The acts provides real catchy and well-written songs destined for both alternative and mainstream radio and have a strong reputation for being much deeper in thought and far less superficial than most chart-bound acts today.

the Stian Summer project – You Got the Eyes Of A Tiger

ARTIST: the Stian Summer project
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
DISTRIBUTION: iTunes, Amazon and all other major digital outlets
Release Date: September 2012
Label Contact: Ian Nilsen, Britishpopsongs.

TSSP once mentioned that he feels flattered everytime somebody tell him that he is mad as a hatter. Fans can download this crazy remix and decide if they would like to flatter him any further.

Eyes OF A Tiger is no rip-off despite the title. It’s a typic TSSP take on a rocky tune not for the dancefloor shy boys. There are bits of Bowie ofcourse like most of the time, but he is somehow on fast track to become among the new favorite Brit mixers that are set to reclaim some of the greatest periods in British music.

By the look of it the single is set to go massive on the airwaves this summer/autumn supported by a fair amount of PR campaigns.

W@LL – One More Time – Press Release

TRACK: One More Time
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
Release Date: 29th of April 2015
Label Contact:

The American/Scandinavian singer/songwriter W@LL may not yet be known by the international lovers of the great British sound, but he sure does fly the flag for the sound championed by the likes of David Bowie, the Smiths and more recently Snow Patrol.

He could somehow have sunk beneath such great company, but with the release of debut single One More Time through BritishPopSongs UK, he does proove to be a worthy successor in his own right.

Like these bands before him, he embraces bittersweat soundscapes together with a real knack for good song writing and with the help of label manager Ian Nilsen he produces music that instantly could please your ears. He has a past in various other bands, but have maybe never been as catchy as this time around. One More Time is a superb pop song, a real bold piece of modern pop music of high order, a real one to chill too, deepen yourself into and that’s no bad thing by any means.

Presse Meddelelse : WALL – One More Time (Dansk)

Udkommer 23 Maj 2014

ALBUM : One More Time EP
SELSKAB: BritishPopSongs UK
Udgivelses Dato: Fredag 1 Maj 2015
Producer/Mix/Mastering: BritishPopSongs / Flemming Rasmussen Sweet Silence.
Label Kontakt:


Københavnske Jacob Wall er en halvt dansk-halvt amerikansk singer/songwriter, som netop nu udsender sin debut som solist efter en årrække at have været frontfigur i flere bands.

Han er søn af en Amerikansk jazz musiker der som andre nu legendariske musikere slog sig ned i København i 60’erne og 70’erne og som jo i sidste ende betød at Danmark siden er blevet et internationalt centrum for jazz af højeste standard. Hans far spillede med mange af de fineste af dem, deriblandt Dizzy Gillespie, Dextor Gordon og naturligvis Kenny Drew.

Wall er ingen uerfaren herre på den danske musikscene og har et godt tag i et livepublikum. Med sange som One More Time, All The Things She Said og Impossible Dream debuterer han på det innovative label BritishPopSongs UK, som har specialiseret sig i den fantastiske britiske sangskrivertradition fra 60’erne frem til i dag.

One More Time er den første single fra Walls EP, som musikalsk set tager afsæt i hans US baggrund koblet med det bedste af den britiske sound. Inspirationskilderne inkluderer bands og artister som Snow Patrol, Bowie, The Police og Coldplay.

Wall har en moden tilgang til sangskrivning, men flirter samtidig med en relevant, frisk, iørefaldende og moderne sound. Han lægger vægt på sine tekster, og som han selv siger:

“Jeg mener, at publikum har brug for gode historiefortællere – ligeså meget som dygtige sangere. Musik handler for mig om sjæl og nerve, vi taler ikke om stilarter hér, mere om sangere inden for deres felt med noget på hjerte, det skal have en autencitet som en Cash eller en Springsteen. Det handler for mig ikke kun om sangteknik, det handler også om at formidle en historie. Hvis en god sang lykkes, kan det være med til at skabe en del af lydsporet til menneskers liv. Musik kan bruges i forskellige perioder i livet, som en knap, hvor man kan trykke pause eller play og nogle gange spole tilbage.”

Hans label manager fortæller: ” Når Wall synger, så ved man allerede efter de første par toner, at her er en stemme, som er noget helt specielt. Sjældent træder en sådan vokal så langt frem i et mix”.

One More Time blev til gennem et ret utraditionelt forløb, hvor Wall præsenterede sin co-writer for en håndfuld ideer, og sammen sad de i en lille time og kogte det ned til et par sange, hvor One More Time er blevet singleforløberen. Sangen fandt vej til studiet, hvor den blev stykket sammen over en inspirerende session. Instrumentationen er klassisk, i den forstand at vi finder elektriske guitarer, bas og diverse synths, men hvor klaveret også spiller en fremtrædende rolle.

Walls EP er et ambitiøst projekt der markerer en ny periode i Jacob Walls musikalske søgen. Danmark er et naturligt “first stop”, da Jacob Wall er bosiddende i København, men ambitionerne rækker naturligvis videre end dette med Tyskland og resten af Europa i kikkerten.

Den 10. maj holder WALL releasekoncert i København – en koncert, som også vil danne grundlaget for de kommende koncerter, vi vil opleve fremover.

One More Time

I can’t sleep
I can’t breathe anymore
When I look at you
There’s a yearning deep inside of me

I won’t leave
I won’t leave this to chance
You were my joyful noise
Then you took it all away from me

Give me time (to erase and rewind)
One more time (to build or destroy)
I feel I know you now
So gonna show you how
What my dreams are made of
Where love can take us
You don’t believe it’s true
Still I believe in you

You build a wall
You build a wall of regret
Of what could have been
You’re the battle I can’t win
I won’t wait
I won’t wait anymore
The more I burn for you
The further you slip away from me

One More Time er ude på BritishPopSongs Fredag den 23 Maj 2014.
Label Kontakt: direct link :

Ian Nilsen & Berlin

Ian Nilsen and BritishPopSongs has always been great admirers of famous artists, photographers, actors, writers, that always are wonderful generous in sharing their talents. Now coming in to 2014 a host of Berlin celebrities and artists are endorsing this unique musical universe of Ian’s and as we speak we are told to expect a host of collaborations this year.

One of the very first is a love song to the city of Berlin from a very secret Berlin artist due out this spring.

“I have known him for less than a year, but this cool cat is so much fun and reminds me in so many ways of myself” Ian laughs out loud ” and then it is incredible fun to record with him”.

and with Stian Summer, my somehow alter-ego, the little annoying youngster in me that refuses to grow up, I have found a perfect playground to bring together all things from my personal musical landscape so to  release a host of 80’s inspired Brit tunes, without having to answer any questions.

It is rumoured also that Stian Summer is adopting aspiring twenty somethings out there to play along.

“In many ways, the Stian Summer project is much more than just me and myself. It’s something I would wish others to play along to, a kind of a adult playground for admireres of this type of music: lifestyle, fashion, live appearances, everything…. you name it”

“and you know what, why not have tremendous fun along the way doing it? ”

March 2014

(A tender moment in the middle of all the craze) Ian Nilsen, Berlin, February 2014


Wall – All The Things She Said

When you are longing for a real summer anthem and the summer’s just not coming forward cause spring kind of got stuck somewhere off the tail of winter, new releases like this rather fab ‘All The Things She Said’ from half Danish/half American Wall could be heaven send.


Wall – All The Things She Said (Lyric Video) from BritishPopSongs on Vimeo.

Download: tba

The neatly trimmed pop/rock intro, the soul-searching verse and the sing-along chorus should make anyone who is remotely interested in fabulous pop vocals interested in this.
Wall might be heading for his first number one with his debut solo single from Scandinavian indie label BritishPopSongs, a very Brit-influenced label based in Copenhagen, that, as the name suggests, is more than a little inspired by the great British songwriting tradition.

The mannered and sensitive vocals of Wall intends to grab your attention from the very first beat with the ‘wooh-wooh” vocals.
Watch at your peril… and be warned… first contender for Summer 2015 Anthem ‘All The Things She Said’ is out August 14th 2015


Label Contact: