the Stian Summer project – Brand New Day

Wannabe virtual indie poster Stian Summer aka Ian Nilsen from hip label BritishPopSongs UK, is out and about in 2014, so better be warned. Still, who is this grown-up that refuses to grow up gracefully. Let’s try to find out….

March 2014.

So Ian, why Stian Summer?

Stian is the grown up person in me that does not want to grow up yet, and that just want to play pop music and not care about the more grown up issues one have.
Its fun and capricious, however still pretty deep in thoughts.

isn’t Stian Summer some 20-year-old?
yes or no, he’s in his twenties still, probably late 20′s early 30′s, but have experienced much more in life. You can’t run away from things that has happened to you , but you can choose to highlight certain sides of yourself at certain times.
and any men tend to stop growing up from 25 onwards, and that’s for the good and the bad.

Who do think will like the music?
Now Stian Summer is not some sort of a marketing ploy or something, he is an artist/singer that simply does his own thing. In the end it is his songs that should catch on, not some concept. The sound is pop/punk, pretty british, bit of Cure, but with many other references put into it.

Name 3 acts that has inspired Stian Summer.
i would like to think Bowie, Roxy Music and the Cure, but there could be many. mainly British 70′s and 80′s.


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