the Stian Summer project – She Told She Loved Me Not

ARTIST: the Stian Summer project
TRACK: She Told She Loved Me Not
LABEL: BritishPopSongs UK
DISTRIBUTION: iTunes, Amazon and all other major digital outlets
Release Date: November 2012
Label Contact: Ian Nilsen, Britishpopsongs.

A fresh catchy 80’s style British Indie Pop track that got bits of the CURE and Sex Pistols hanging in there.

the Stian Summer project is an English Power-Pop project hitting the ground this summer. Its music for grown-ups who dont really want to grow up… at least not just yet!

As much as we all like records that grow on you and that you can listen to forever, it is great sometimes to listen to a song that is just full-on from start to finish….and that is really what Stian Summer is about.

She Told She Loved Me Not is the first single and promotes a very British sound that is a combination of a whole lot of things coming out of London. Its both pop and punk at the same time, and sounds somehow both old and new.

With Stian, you’ll find glamour, although its also pretty deep with thoughts.


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