Ian Nilsen

Within seconds of meeting Ian Nilsen, founder of BritishPopSongs, you can quickly see why people often classify him as a hyper active lover of good music as much as the passionated person behind his label and everything that is around it.

“He’s a real nut case when it comes to doing things that men likes, car wash, DIY etc, but when it comes to coming up with new ideas for his business there is nothing stopping him” says a close friend and fellow musical entrepreneur.

Ian is not unduly concerned with his manic approach to get his beloved sounds out and about even if it means that phone calls are often left unanswered for days.

Ian Nilsen:
“Call it what you like, It’s all good in the end. I think that if you are not passionate about what you do then it will shine though on your output. Too many people around these days just want to be famous for the sake of it, to stick out so to say. Me not, I actually rather that I could do what I want to do, and still be pretty secretive, however I have by now realized that it’s not an option. It’s a bit like running in circles”

If anything, Ian is happy to put all those ideas to life without being dependent on anyone else so to speak. After having drawn a line over much he had done earlier he sat down and made up some master plan about how he would realize his dreams. He moved around a bit, met people that he had known when teenager, but also hundreds of others that, often 5-10 years younger than him, inspired him more than he had been inspired before.

“It was, kind of, meeting all those people that was kids when i left home, and that had been educated very differently than myself and that had a real go at the world. Sure that has changed a bit now with the globe in a financial mess, but this will never have me giving up on my work, quite the other way round”

BLOG: www.iannilsen.wordpress.com



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