Next Stop Art

By the time Writer/Producer/Artist Ian Nilsen, label manager at BritishPopSongs UK had completed the 10 songs for his NextStopArt album it no longer sounded the way it was intended to.


Among all the good intentions to produce a record that had no real instruments on it, only electronic sounds, he suddenly let loose his inner demons and threw on an electric guitar and it was all become Art Rock. He sort of took these songs to a new height yet still strugling to come to terms with what would have been a real ‘art case’. So instead of tons of electronic blips and 808 drum patterns we now hear big drums, bas, guitars and the rest.

So what happened there? Well, I went along with my original idea in mind, but somehow felt I was capable of more. I sort of had to plunge in properly if it was going to be a good record. Not happy then? If only, no I really love the sound and of course the songs, and in the end of the day they are what matters. It is music, just not new electronic music, instead its my music, and my art project.

There is niggling sensation that NSA is a one-man show, but it should be said that NextStopArt is a band, a real band in every sense, played and recorded in realtime.


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