Running Riot

Is the London Music Scene Running Riot?

Once in a while a new artist emerge that is on to something and eat your heart out if Running Riot will not surface on the headlines sometimes soon., and that for all the right reasons.

running riot

As is often a case with someone that has something strong on his mind and that possess a real desire to change things for the better, he is probably bound to succeed in his quest.

With musical inspirations taken from his childhood heroes as diverse as the Smith and Greenday he is together with his label BritisPopSongs UK on a mission. A mission that includes travelling the globe in cyberspace introducing a ‘Manifest’ for the good of music. A manifest that he and his label manager and musical soulmate came up with ‘driving’ around in the old school BritishPopSongs Morris MINI Cooper.

“We wan’t to give something back to our fans, somethings that really helps them out making some good music themselves, be it instruments, rehearsal spaces, tour-support. We’ll be giving back some of the money we earn for these songs to those people who can use them to make great music themselves. We had no money while doing this, and if we finally starts to earn some, then the best thing we can do is to give some of them to other musicians to help them. That could be a rehearsal container in Buenos Aires or a complete set of band instruments to some seaside town in Chile”

Running Riot is also advocating an “it’s Us against all the big corporate companies that no longer cares about if the music is good or not, as long as they make money fast!

But as Riot mentions: ” I’m no puppet, I got my own music, my own opinions and is very proud of the music that I make”

Running Riot debuted only spring 2013, and sprang out of a studio session for BritishPopSongs where he recorded vocals for a track Satisfied, a track that Riot more or less made his very own. As a result the label manager asked him there and then to join the label.

November/December sees the release of long waited EP Mental Pockets Of resistance, a 5 song strong introduction to Running Riots world with songs that are nothing less than brilliantly catchy.

Every song songs seems so effortlessly vocally excecuted by Riot himself and with a kind of timeless Brit inspired production this sums up to a real good bunch of songs, very easy on the ear.


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