so Stina

It is a first for BritishPopSongs to release “female vox pop” and a somehow career-defining moment for Stina, a singer of many talents in her own right.


“It is as catchy as a BritishPopSongs chorus ever will be, claims Ian, label manager at BritishPopSongs, and the fine tone in her vocals sits perfect with the usual Brit influenced production, that we have come to expect from BPS.

…And with a female vocalist, what exciting times it is.

BritishPopsSongs is and has alwasy been a bit male dominated to say the least, so it is well refreshing to hear this popping up.

Ian is clasifying the sound as “British Vox Pop” however Stina is imposing a sound that is very much a sound of her own, and one that we will learn much more about in the near future.

For the record, Stina has another two singles coming up late spring and over the summer.


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