“T.S.S.P. – the Master of 3 minute musical mayheims”

We talk to the rather oddly-named (by his looks) T.S.S.P. ( about his remix take on the infectious power pop from Stian Summer.


First, hands up, is Stian Summer really 100% behind you remixing her songs?

Well, No (laughs). I guess he is looking for a brigther future for his songs than my over-produced cuts. But, hey, thruth to be told, i kind of forget to listen and is having great fun along the way. He got an unique voice, and it’s fun to explore new avenues with him. But him liking it? hmm.

Is there a place for song based dance music in 2016.

I think there is more now than ever. Over the last decade lots of well produced elecronic music came out, the kids out there’s been very talented in producing beats, but somehow the ‘songs’ were forgotten. So I think more and more we are going to see real songs produced in a more modern way coming through. It’s difficult though, a guy like EXAMPLE did have a huge UK hit last year, however the formular didn’t resally work on his following releases.

Is your mixes not just 3 minutes of musical mayheim?

Well, Some thinks that, I more see it as a match between the retro element of la-la and a 80/00′s electro pop fusion, a electro match made in indie heaven. (laughs)

Who is your ultimate source of inspiration?

i guess it comes down to Bowie in the end. Always does. But he kind of stopped making the best around time of Lets Dance. Such a shame, he had it all.

Is your mixes for all those dancefloor shy boys?

(laughs), Yep, Dancefloor shy boys, that’s it, and include me there too.


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