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“a Modern Man” literally came out of the blue last year. Label manager at BritishPopSongs Ian Nilsen decided here and there to pick this exciting outfit up on his new much hyped British label. Moved on from these early days “a Modern Man” has now emerged as someone that can both cross over to mainstream as well as maintaining underground cult following without
loosing feets.

Teach Me Darling is the first single taken from the forthcoming album and it’s simply a no-brainer that this single is going to go massive on the airwaves this summer.

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Label debut from a somehow different type of artist on BritishPopSongs. A more 60/70”s US sound, also show cased by bands such as Paul Weller’s Style Council. Hey JJ is an excellent guitar player as well as an amazing vocalist.

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Ian Nilsen’s knowledge of living/working pop combined with Peet Morrisons somewhat obsessive regard to details, texture and quest for a thicker ‘classical’ sound, has permitted Mathildes Destiny to create what they call a collective pop/rock sound – essentially, elements from the everywhere!

How else best to describe Mathildes Destiny? Well, it’s layers of instrumentation and catchy, somewhat cheeky song-writing. A child-within exploration of music, sprinkled with Cat Stevens, Tom Waits, Wagner, french Impressionism, and more.

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Next Stop Art is something as a rarety these days with their true British Art Rock sound. The whole point of the record was to use nothing but electronic sounds to create an alternative rock record, with no drums, no guitars etc, basicly just electronic sounds. Sounded like a great idea and early demoes sounded promising.

Then they had a remix done of A Hard Rains Gonna Fall by hip mixer TSSP and it turned the idea upside down. A Hard Rains Gonna Fall is first single out, with Verve inspired string intro and a verse that could come som mid-90 BLUR.

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It is a first for BritishPopSongs to release “female vox pop” and a somehow career-defining moment for Stina, a singer of many talents in her own right.

“It is as catchy as a BritishPopSongs chorus ever will be, claims Ian, label manager at BritishPopSongs, and the fine tone in her vocals sits perfect with the usual Brit influenced production, that we have come to expect from BPS.

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“I have always felt like a teenager that refuses to grow up gracefully” Stian Summer laughs out loud. “On top, I’m a massive fan of Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Morrisey, stuff like that, guys that both had massive star quality and a real knack for writing top tunes. And I thought to myself, well, I wanna create songs like that too, 80′s
90′s British stuff.”

“I think that all music should be written for a reason, and I have my very own reason for the Stian Summer project, allthough I’m not gonna tell anyone I guess.”

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TSSP is what you could label a hipper than hip remixer. There are no hidden
traumas anywhere to be found in his universe, it’s all British electro indie pop that pops out of his studio. A keen remixer too for many under a myriad of synonyms. Lean back and turn the volume up up up. Even for the dancefloor shy boys out there.



Sitting somewhere between mid-90′s Oasis and surprisingly Specials frontman Terry Hall, sort of. A highly uniquie combination of the great songwriting that Oasis came up with, and the ever lush British vocals of Terry Hall. Now Running Riot is by no means some copy-cat, he is an exciting newcomer in his own right. Label manager at BritishPopSongs gives a tentative smile “You know, this track has summer written all over it, and if we do it right I can see this going into orbit anytime soon.



Bittersweet sounding popster, thirty something WALL is an exciting half Amercian half Scandinavian male vocalist. He promotes a sound that sits firmly between mature US and UK indie pop, and he debutes here with a rather lovely tune.

Debut single “One More Time” was a superb pop song, a real bold piece of modern pop music of high order, a real one to chill too, deepen yourself into and that’s no bad thing by any means.

He could somehow have sunk beneath such great company, but with the release of debut single One More Time through BritishPopSongs UK, he does proove to be a worthy successor in his own right.

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