Let’s make this Christmas a little different

Naming a Christmas single Christmas Time, speak probably volumes about the real intent behind and although Wall and his label manager discussed, albeit briefly, more well-thought titles such as light for everyone they were quickly dismissed.



The song is actually a little clever re-writing of one of the tracks on soon to be released EP debut from WALL.

Christmas Time is not a “Oooh look at me” kind of song, it got a real message of intent that WALL would very much would like to tell people about here up to Christmas.

“I think it would be rather nice with a Christmas song that naturally is feel-good, with a good chorus that everybody can join in on, but also a song that at the same time got something important to say, touching central issues such as loving each other and if you at Christmas are with the people that are closest to you, even these dark periods can lighten up.”

Christmas is not only about the biggest gifts, new iPad, new flat-screens and all other things that money can buy. Out there you got people that got no homes, no tap water or simply are in middle of the crises of their life.

I have always felt when i hear a song for the first time, that it’s a bit like a first date. First impression is so important, you find out if you want to see the person or hear the song again. If the song got nothing to say, no substance, then interest will die quickly.”

WALL has an excellent EP to promote to all lovers of great music and it will be out later this December. It only takes moments to understand that here is an more than excellent vocalist with a voice to die for and some real good songs to support it.

Until then listen or download Christmas Time and make this years Christmas a little different that last year.

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This Is Berlin

With the impending release of This Is Berlin, the 9th of November, Scandinavian Ian Nilsen joins in on the celebrations of the true great city that is Berlin. It was the 9th of November 25 years ago that the wall that had stood in Berlin during the cold war was to be no more, and this is to be celebrated during a two week period.

Probably the real momentum in Ian Nilsen’s multi-faceted career, the high point, is in many ways this very song, and subsequent album with it’s ten cover versions, performed by a range of highly talented Berlin artists, such as label mate A Modern Man.

Late last year he sat down with much respected Berlin art and fashion photographer Tom Lemke and had a series of talks about art, photo and music. Tom Lemke is total fun and fantastic company and these days they did spend together inspired Ian to write a David Bowie/Iggy Pop Berlin era styles celebration song to Berlin and all it’s marvelous inhabitants. Tom is also to do his very personal version of the song.

Ian has also been collaborating with “A Modern Man”, a fellow Berlin resident and artist that is connected to his label BritishPopSongs. While the “a Modern Man” version is a low key airy peace of highest quality singer /songwriter pop, his own and original version is a loud sing-a-long David Bowie styled ultra pop piece of stadium anthem that soon gets you arms in the air.

The lyrics reflects on all that is both good and bad about the city of Berlin, no real Berliner will find himself offended at negatives, for such is the real feeling in this fantastic city, that Berliners are… Berliners.

Now as the early movers and trendsetters have had done with “This Is Berlin”, it’s time for everyone to celebrate a real unique moment in history and join the chorus:

Some people are losers
some people are winners
but Berlin loves us
and Berlin hates us all

the This Is Berlin album is out sometime 2017.

Who else is in here? – the beginning of the Charming Fuck You Show

by A Modern Man

“I have no idea who that guy is”. That would be the simple question. Well that is, if it wasn’t for the fact that the guy is me or at least shares a body with me. So who are we talking about here? We are talking about who I become when getting a mic in my hand and I do rather often get the question “who are you when you step up on the side and start preaching about the many great dangers of that thing called love?”. To tell you the truth, I’m not all that sure. It does not feel like any version of me that I was aware of until that mic and that stage showed up. To be honest it sometimes feels a bit scary to know that I share a body with that guy.

It all started when label manager Ian and I were planning the live show for the album. We knew that we did not only want a typical band show with drums, bass, keys and guitars. I was very keen on doing something more intimate where the lyrics would get a leading part. However, I wasn’t sure exactly what the character and the overall feeling of the show should be. In the beginning I thought it would be a vocal and piano thing. We actually did the show like that in the beginning, Ian on the piano and me doing the vocals and telling a bit about the lyrics between the songs. In many ways the show worked just fine, but thinking about it now I was a bit too polite for my taste.

What changed the show to what it is now was actually a bit of an coincidence. We were out somewhere one evening and somebody asked us to play a few songs. Since they did not have a piano Ian picked up an electric guitar that was plugged in and started to play some of the chords. I think he did it kind of as a prank as the guitar with lots of distortion did not sound remotely like the piano but I played along and started to introduce the song. I remember feeling right away that the sound of the guitar called for a very different way of introducing the songs and started to be a lot more playful about it. During the evening Ian started to double the vocals in the choruses and I began to let go to this strange preaching persona that was showing up in me.

By the way. That was also the evening the show got it’s nickname. At some point half way into the show I find myself addressing the audience with a deep serious woice and welcoming them to ‘The Charming Fuck You Show’ by A Modern Man

Ian Nilsen: “Time is perfect to enter the next phase.”

Founder and Exec from BritishPopSongs  / BeatHouse Managment & Online PR agency Ian Nilsen reveals plans for the next phase of the BeatHouse/BritishPopSongs adventure in Berlin.


Ian Nilsen mentioned that the current change of tone within the global recording industry over the last six months signaled that it was time to move into the next phase of the label probably a little earlier than predicted in 2013. BritishPopSongs initially planned to continue spending considerable time with it’s semi-pro roaster and thus giving them amble time to continue development, however this seems to have given too little time for the real professionals and the more dedicated among the roaster.

“I feel that we need to balance it a little more, first and foremost to keep a good cash-flow, because without it, we essential would put ourselves in a corner. At the same time I  also feel that we need to prioritize the artists that really fight their corner a little more, and the ones that goes a bit loose a little less attention at the moment.

I guess it’s a pretty natural thing to do.

I feel that being an artist today is all about sustaining, a willing to succeed, invest in your own career, keep going, effectively be the artist that you pretend to be. If music is your hobby, no problem, but within the framework of BritishPopSongs that is not really possible.

The beauty with this label is that we produces high quality indie/pop because we so believe in it, and for us to be loose and easy to work with we must make sure that we all as artists are all in, that everyone want sto invest in themselves as artists”

Ian Nilsen say that in terms of company setups, there will be some changes too.

BeatHouse International will be home to Management and Online PR for both the top parts of BritishPopSongs artists and then for artists that are not associated with the label. These are all artists that are top of their game now and true professionals.

BritishPopSongs will run effectively run a two-level structure with a few priority artists and then a number of artists that for on reason or another goes easy on the ride so to speak.

International project related song writing/producing tasks by Ian Nilsen will also be managed by BeatHouse International from now on.

Ian Nilsen – talks about the importance of being independent, but also ensuring that it all doesn’t run out in the sand.

“I really feel proud of launching something that has grown this much, with a 100 song strong catalogue, that can go challenge all the bigger players in the industry when everyone just kept asking when you were going to fold and stay grounded. This next step is just moving us even closer the ultimate goal, being able to release hit records made by ourselves  but in partnership with some of the best of the people in the industry. What I will make sure is that the my artists are on top of the game and real professionals that you can count on”