All I really really wan’t… is to produce crowd-pleasers.

It’s hard not to be smitten by the uplifting big beats and bittersweet harmonies of BritishPopSongs UK.
RoW is somehow a trademark T.S.S.P. sounding track that mixes his beloved 80’s inspired British songwriting with the dance elements of 2014.

T.S.S.P. is producer and co-writer of such cool new acts as A Modern Man, the Stina Summer project and Mathildes Destiny among others, and he is loved by many followers around the globe. Some years back he ditched a job producing for many label signed acts to fully concentrating on getting his own trademark ‘sound’ out in the world.

“There was no more point in keeping helping others to get the production that they wanted with me just sitting there doing it for them” he explains over lunch this saturday afternoon.
“I recognized early on that even working with sparkling singers wouldn’t do it for me in the long run, and one morning i just work up and said, That’s it. I’m going alone now. Today I got my own people around me and that a fantastic feeling, that we are on this onslaught on the world with that sound that i got in my head night and day. ”

“Yeah, I know i tend to try to produce crowd-pleasers, tunes that hopefully sticks to your brain for ages, but that is what I like to do.”

He once said that being well connected in the music business can go both ways, of course you get to work with a lot of established acts, but that can also be a trap in the long run. You also end up doing tons of different sounding records.

“I always admired bands that would change direction every 4-5 years or so, I know my idol, Bowie, did it even more often, but still, and now after all these years you talk about his Berlin period, his Let’s Dance period and so on.”

In the end, sitting here in a borrowed Dockland flat, summer 2014, sporting his old Worldcup 1966 jacket and some tired worn out jeans, still looking a bit dizzy after a rather late night out, he just smiles and says

“Hey, I’m, a party animal, work maybe 60 hours weeks, but i do for the sake of the music i guess.